The Holy Spirit in everyday life


Hello Friends!

How does the Holy Spirit make Himself known to you? I am trying to understand this Person of the Trinity a bit better.

What you have to say is greatly apprieciated.




I’m pretty thick about that sort of thing - the Holy Spirit has a hard time getting to me “directly.”

But I find the Spirit at work in my life through those around me, mainly my wife, and also my children. The Spirit can “get to me” that way.

(and my wife is helping me become more “directly” receptive to the Spirit also through increased acts of devotion. But it’s important to realize that we can all be instruments of the Spirit in the lives of others, as my wife and children are to me.)


the best way I can describe it is an analogy I used in a Life in the Spirit Seminar. My daughter used to clean my house every week while I was at work. She was usually gone before I got home, so I did not actually get to visit with her, but evidence of her presence and action in my life to make everything run better in my home was everywhere. For instance, she vacuums backwards, so that the rug is perfectly smooth when she leaves. Fresh flowers, clean scent etc. Someone I dearly love spent time and energy helping me, in ways I could not actually see, but was aware of by the evidence her actions left behind.

I may not perceive the Holy Spirit in action but I experience the fruits of the HOly Spirit (see Galatians) in my life.


There are so many examples in daily life. I am by nature a selfish, self absorbed person. I know when I see a homeless person, and I say a prayer for him, it’s not me who made me think to pray, it is the Holy Spirit. I usually can’t leave it at a prayer, I’ll go by Wendys and buy some food and bring it back to them, again, it isn’t me doing that, I’m really far too self absorbed to do anything for someone else. The Spirit speaks to me while I’m driving, flying, or just sitting, I see the face of God everywhere, in the sky, in the clouds, in peoples faces, in their pain and in their joy. This all comes from the Holy Spirit. When I’m tempted to sin, He nudges me, sometimes not enough, for I usually succumb to my weaknesses, but when I do sin, He leads me back to the Church. He is my friend. The one who even in my darkest hours, and there have been many, will always be there to support me.


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