The Holy Spirit in Judaism, Christiaity, and Islam

Contrary to popular belief, the Holy Spirit is not something original in Christianity. It actually comes from Judaism.

In Judaism, the Holy Spirit, or Spirit of the Lord, is an attribute of God. It is the Presence of God in the world. The Holy Spirit mainifests itself in different ways: a pillar of fire, a cloud, etc. The Holy Spirit is called “Holy Spirit” because it is of God: God is Holy and God is Spirit.

In Christianity, the Holy Spirit, or Spirit of Christ, is a Person of God. He is the Love of the Father and the Son for One Another and for every creature and creation. The Holy Spirit maifests Himself in different ways: a dove, a finger, etc. The Holy Spirit is called “Holy Spirit” because He is God Himself: God is Holy and God is Spirit.

In Islam, the Holy Spirit, or Spirit of Holiness, is a creature of God. He is the angel Gabriel, who brings God’s messages to the messengers. The Holy Spirit has six hundred wings. The Holy Spirit is called “Holy Spirit” because it is an angel of God.

Actually Allah in Quran didn’t tell Muhammed what “The Spirit” really is, when the Jews asked Muhammed about it, he quoted this Quranic verse:

(Quran 17:85):
They ask thee concerning the Spirit (of inspiration). Say: "The Spirit (cometh) by command of my Lord: of knowledge it is only a little that is communicated to you, (O men!)
[RIGHT]ويسالونك عن الروح قل الروح من امر ربي وما اوتيتم من العلم الا قليلا

There is no “The Holy Spirit” in islam.

The angel Gabriel is called a holy spirit in islam, as in judaism and christianity.

In islam, the Holy Spirit is the presence of God, traditionally, as it is interpretted in Judaism.

This new fangled nonsense about The Holy Spirit being the angel Gabriel, is a misinterpretation of several ahadith by islamic apologists who seek to emphasize the separation of Creator and creation.

They cannot admit that God interacts directly with man in any way, shape or form, because to their minds it reduces the majesty of God, and increases the divinity of man.

However this was never a problem for classical islamic scholars - particularly the ones studying in al andalus.

The verse 66:12

YUSUFALI: And Mary the daughter of 'Imran, who guarded her chastity; and We breathed into (her body) of Our spirit; and she testified to the truth of the words of her Lord and of His Revelations, and was one of the devout (servants).

Is a classic example of this.

The verse at once suggests the proximity of God and man, it has been used by missionaries to attack islam and convert muslims to christianity in the past.

Recent muslim translators have begun to do gymnastics to avoid confusion and support apologists, and attempt to suggest (with no bearing to the original text) that the “Spirit” being referred to here is Gabriel.

Quite clearly however the Spirit being referred to here is the Divine, and as another verse in the quran says - it is something about which muslims are not granted much knowledge.


You appear to be correct. Look what I found:

[70.4] To Him ascend the angels and the Spirit in a day the measure of which is fifty thousand years.

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