The Homecoming--A Christmas Story


The very first Waltons show with Patricia Neal as the Mom, a different dad, different grandpa and other different characters. REALLY ENJOY this show each year.

I really enjoy when the Baldwin Sisters sing with Cleavon Little & John Boy “Throw Out the Life Line”



I used to love watching the waltons when I was youngish, some,lovely story lines and good acting too. Thank you for jogging the memory.


I liked the film except for Patricia Neal. She seemed miscast to me.


It was a miracle that she was even in that movie. She had a stroke before that was filmed and she struggled but made it through the show. Also her past has some rough spots but even so she became a practicing devout Catholic before she died.


I liked her in Hud and other things, just not this. Michael Learned was a better pick. Just my opinion.


Earl Hamner originally sold the story as ‘Spencer’s Mountain’, which was a successful book and 1963 movie.


Yes I don’t think she’d have been able to have continued in the role as he series went on any way. All worked out for those who stayed with the show through its run.


Sadly she had an affair with a married Gary Cooper and became pregnant. He told her to have an abortion and she did. She said it was the one thing she regretted her whole life. Then she did end up getting married and having 5 children but one was seriously brain damaged in an accident and one died at a very young age. She was pregnant with her last child when she suffered 3 brain aneurysms.

Both she & Gary Cooper converted to the Catholic Faith before they died. She’s buried in the cemetery where Prioress Mother (former actress Delores Hart) is a nun.


Loved them all.


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