The Homeless vs. Gay Marriage

I have to admit, friends, stories like this make it very difficult for me to remain in the Catholic Church.

Homeless Shelter Loses Funding for Gay Marriage Stance in Maine

Last month, the Bishops in Washington, DC, ended their adoption program because of gay adoption. They ended spousal insurance coverage because of gay marriage. In Boulder, they removed a little girl from her Catholic school because of gay parents. We are all watching the horror of yet more sex abuse scandals rippling across Europe, in bothe Germany and Ireland. And now, in Maine, the most vulnerable are being denied charity because of gay marriage.

This truly feels like Lent. My heart is broken.


I’m sure there will be an alternate way of getting such funds to the homeless.

The Church must stand firm on certain areas of morality in society; others outside the Church will always blame her for this or that.

There are plenty of us in the Church that strongly support gay marriage in civil society.

there are plenty of Catholics who support all manner of immorality, that is why we have an abuse crisis

there are plenty of Catholics who support all manner of immorality, that is why we have an abuse crisis

Especially the Bishops.

Helping the impoverished is not explicitly or implicitly accepting the politics and lifestyles of others involved. The common theme was helping those in need. To recant the charity that otherwise would have been going to help the homeless based on the politics that others have, is just foolishness. It’s cruel and small-minded.

This is in direct contradiction with the teachings of our Lord and maybe you should have a look at the following passages:

(Deuteronomy 23:17; 1 Kings 14:24;15:12;22:46; 2 Kings 23:7; Job)

You’re sure? What makes you sure? If you were homeless would you feel confident in someone being sure?

In general, no, but when the two are linked in some manner, as apparently has been done by this homeless shelter, yes.

Please note:

**“People who are homeless should not be used in political games,” she said.

Sue Bernard, spokeswoman for the diocese, said the diocese requires agencies that receive funding to conform to the moral and social teachings of the Catholic Church. She said Preble Street agreed to that requirement when it applied for the money.

She provided the Portland Press Herald with a copy of Preble Street’s application, signed by Mark Swann, the agency’s executive director.

In the application, filled out on Jan. 7, 2009, Swann wrote “no” when asked if his organization promotes or advocates same-sex marriage.**

They used deception to get funding. They knew that they must conform to the requirements of the moral and social teachings of the CC. So why blame the CC when Preble Street is at fault?

It would be no different than Preble Street applying for aid from a federal or state funding source and violating provisions of their funding agreement.

I don’t see why this is problematic. Apparently Preble Street didn’t have a hissy fit over the conditions of getting the funding when they applied for it. The CC has a responsibility to the parishioners who contributed their donations/offerings that such would be used in conformation with Church teachings.

Let’s assign the blame where it belongs; those who fraudulantly obtained funds for the homeless, knowing full well that violating the conditions would result in the funding being pulled.

In any case, I’m certain that the money earmarked for charity by the Church will find it’s way to the homeless by way of a different route. Until someone can show that such will not happen, it’s hardly “cruel and small minded”. :rolleyes:

If the Church does not perform it’s social justice mission within the confines of the morality of the Church, why bother?

Is it bad that a Catholic school refused to enroll a kindergartner because they knew that was a "guarantee’ to take the child as a student through the 8th grade, and at some point the child would be taught that her ‘parents’ were in an immoral relationship against Church teaching?

Is is bad that Catholic Charities in DC changes it’s benefits to have them be in compliance of the secular law as well as Church teaching?

Is it bad that the Church is trying to remain true to Catholic teaching, even though some ordained members are causing scandal?

Is it right that gay people are demanding that all social institutions change to accommodate them? Is it right that gay people are doing everything they can to force acceptance of their minority lifestyle?

It’s sad, I think, that it’s become an ‘either/or’ proposition. It’s just sad.

It’s a very slippery slope when one attempts to compromise on matters of faith and/or morality.

Next will be criticism that the Church doesn’t contribute to “women’s health clinics” (other than PP) that offer help to newborn babies and their moms along with counseling women to get abortions.

Such would have to be an “either/or”.

The Church was founded by Jesus Christ.
He adhered to the Jewish moral code which expicitly (unlike the Greeks and Romans) forbade homosexual behavior. By extension, he could never have approved of even a civil codification of a practice that was morally reprehensible.
The prohibition against homosexual behavior is thus foundational to Catholic moral theology, from Jesus onward. It is not merely a cultural practice subject to changing societal views over time.

I guess. To me, all I see are homeless people–among the most vulnerable a population that I can imagine, especially homeless teens (as per the article)–getting less love, less charity, less support, less faith because of this decision. Likewise, in DC (and here in Boston where I live), I just see more children left to languish in foster care or group homes because of the Church’s stance on adoption. It is the weakest among us who suffer. I understand the principles at stake. I cringe at the consequences.

Jesus said that we would be judged by how we treated the least of these. No matter what reasons we offer, in these instances, the least of these have been pushed aside.

When we start facing the truth, then things will be better until then things like this will continue to happen because we are not addressing the issue. How is it that the Church is to blame for this, not the agency who applied for funding without conforming to the requirements clearly laid down before now? (Of course, the gay people who will like to force their lifestyle on everybody are untouchable and can not be blamed!). The Church primarily has the obligation to cater for the souls of her children even before the need to cater for the body but i think some people just derive joy from pointing accusing fingers at the Church no matter what evidence you provide them with.

It’s the agency that is to blame. They had no business getting involved in a political situation that did not directly affect the homeless. ( And I like to see some documentation on the clain that the reason many teens are homeless teens because they are homosexuals). (Homosexuals make up less that 2% of the population)
If they were receiving federal funds how long would it last if they would not admit blacks, women or latinos? When receiving funds from someone you must follow the rules that they have.
And getting involved in political advocacy takes money…that comes out of donations/funding…which means less for the homeless.
So who’s not looking after the interests of the least of us? It’s the agency that is using the homeless for political reasons!

The teachings of our Lord do not necessarily dictate civil law. Especially on an issue such as this.

As far as I can tell, a great many of the people here are Libertarians, and so don’t think the state should give money (tax dollars that they stole!) to this kind of thing at all. They should get private donations alone. And if that isn’t enough cash to do the job, the homeless can freeze while thinking warmly that they are blessed by God.

Interesting. So you would advocate civil law based on what moral compass? None? The changing whims of the people? What’s fashionable? Whatever each person decides for himself/herself?

For a Catholic, the teachings of our Lord should trump everything…including support of whatever the popular sociopolitical fads might be.

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