The Homily

I go to a Catholic school and at every school mass during the homily, the priest does a skit with kids coming up to the altar. I know this is wrong, but how can i go about addressing it to the priest, and if he doesn’t quit, what can i do about it?

it is all in the approach. Father can I ask you something about Mass? I go to this cool Catholic website and they questioned that kind of skit we do here for the homily, and that I should just ask you about it. Can you explain to me about Masses for children, and what is allowed, and why some things are different?

There is nothing in the GIRM to suggest that there is anything wrong with this approach to explain the Gospel, particularly to children. As a matter of fact it is a very good way to hold thier attention.

This (asking question to the audience) happened quite often in the good old times too (forties, fifties). This is an efficient method of communication.

At a Mass for Children, I think there is more leeway, and it would be allowed, particularly if he is the author of the skits. Even though it normally ought to be the clergy, and not the laity, who write homilies, a priest who does not have a good ability to relate to children might rightly enlist the aid of someone, like a teacher, who is skilled in that area, even to the point of having the teacher write the skits. That is allowed because sometimes it is the best solution.

That doesn’t mean it is out of place to tell Father that the skits bother you, that you like his homilies on Sunday much better. You might not be alone, after all. At any rate, if he knows the practice is not universally edifying, he may decide to do it a little less often. Do be very respectful, though.

I thought there is a place for everyone and no one is allowed around the altar.

OP did not say the children were around the altar. We don’t know what he means by “skit” so we cannot give any meaningful comment except the standard, so simply ASK the priest about it.

The priest had the kids come around and behind the altar playing with a beach ball while trying to show some “hidden meaning” behind it. There has also been instances when balloons were tied on both sides of the altar as well.

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