The Horns Symbol

My question is…

Are the sizable proportion of celebrities and politicians who do the horns symbol with their hands fans of a Texan sports team? Or is there something else?..I know what the victory sign is but I am not sure what this horns symbols means?..Please enlighten me. I may be ignorant but it has been suggested it has something to do with the ancient serpent Beelzebub :eek:…nervous laugh…say it ain’t so…it couldn’t be true… c…c.c.c…could it? :bigyikes:

Dunno. Depends on who’s doing it.

Metalheads et al? More likely what you fear.

On the other hand, it is also “I Love You” in American Sign Language (a combination of the letters “I”, “L”, and “Y” in the One-Hand Manual Alphabet). That was the context that Richard Dawson on Family Feud used it.

I’ve also seen it used when a person wants to wave, but is holding something like a mike or such in their hand.

I believe that it’s also the same as the sign to ward off the “evil eye”.

Some purists – or pedants – may argue too whether the thumb position has any effect on the meaning, i.e. if the thumb is extended (necessary to form the “L” in “ILY”), closed over the fingers (malocchio), tucked into the fingers, or alongside the palm parallel to the forefinger (used for the Devil on the back of the Chris de Burgh album Spanish Train).

Of course, there are people who say that the Nazi swastika is “different” from an eastern/Buddhist swastika because it is oriented in an opposite direction from the latter, and therefore an “evil” doppelganger of a benevolent symbol.* :shrug:

You have to look at the intent of the user. The symbol doesn’t necessarily indicate the “evil” intent of the user, but the evil intent will influence the meaning of the symbol.

Take the inverted cross. For some, it’s a Satanic symbol and conjures up (sorry!) images of the Black Mass. On the other hand, it’s also an iconic symbol of the crucifixion of St Peter. Yo may be able to discern which meaning is preferred by whether you see the image at the Vatican or in Anton laVey’s rumpus room.

  • Wrong: The Nazi swastika is evil because the Nazis used it and tainted it with their ideology. The effect would be the same whether the Nazis used the swastika or some other symbol – like even a carrot.

Thankyou for the insight. Very interesting… I find signs and symbols fascinating in general.

only if you are an Aggie or Oklahoma fan

The “horns” are done to ward away the evil eye in some places (Italy)

The I love you symbol is different in that you have the thumb extended (for L)

Being from Texas, the Horns mean “The 'Horns”

To inject a bit of humor, using your logic about the Nazi symbol makes me wish their symbol had been broccoli.

Or Texas Tech.:smiley:

Of course, the Red Raiders hand sign (“Guns up!”) can also be interpreted as “L for Losers!” And has been.

College football can get ugly.:wink:

Or that both “Guns up!” represented the field goals that Tech got when they couldn’t get to the end zone. That was back when the Aggies were still good.

exactly my thought when I read this post…

Yeah, I can speak the metalhead usage. For fans of heavy metal, it’s our basic hand-sign of greeting and camaraderie. The only intent is: “Hey dude, we like the same music” or (when shown to a band) “we love your music!”

Wow, nice illustration of intent (and humorous too boot!) :thumbsup:

Yea for metal fans horns are a symbol of camraderie and friendship, for me its a sign of respect. like at mass when the priest holds up the host, i make both my hands one horns gesture (too much metal for one hand) because jesus is the most metal thing in the world.

I think you might enjoy this (warning: two swear words), if you haven’t seen it already.

Haha yea I got the t-shirt that says "Jesus is f’ng metal!’ on it. Always gets stares but its true lol!

It’s an insult meaning ‘cuckold’.

Then you would have enjoyed what TIme Mag.did to the Rev.Billy Graham two years ago.It reproduced a photo of Billy in deep meditation but moved the photo up so high the tops of the M in Time looked just like horns coming out of the revs.head…also a painted dead duck on his head replacing the hair piece was just adorable…I taught a course in subliminal seduction…words,pics in advertising and politics for years…good topic and resonses…all the best Pas.

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