The horrors of communist China under Mao Zedong that most Westerners don't know about



…And yet, Pope Francis has recently given this very brutal regime a hand in appointing Catholic bishops in China. In fact, the Church can now only work off the list of nominees for bishops that China provides. The current communist Chinese regime is the very same regime that Mao started.

I pray for Chinese Catholic faithful and the Chinese underground Church. I pray for their safety and security. Above all, I pray for their continued faith in the Church. Given China’s horrendous record on religious freedom and human rights, who in the right mind would expect good will, let alone compliance, from communist China?


I read a book called “Mao: The Unknown Story”. The man was a psychopath.


Read the Black Book of Communism by Courtois et al. The 65 million people he killed during the his “Great Leap Forward” whereby this genocidal maniac died without facing trial in this world. He will surely face it in the next.


I have been there in 2009 and had to descretely ask where the real Catholic Church was as they were driven underground. I do not know what the nature of this relationship is now with the Vatican. The Chinese tiger of communism has not changed its stripes.


As Catholics, we must always hope and pray for conversion, peace and good will. But, we must be firm and wise in our assessment in difficult situations. Above all, our shepherds must nurture the sheep, and protect them from the wolves. I ache whenever I think of this.

May our Lord have mercy on us and on the Church… I will always obey the Church, and our Lord always keeps His promise to protect His bride.


Or Mao Tse-tung for those who are older. Out of context history related posts like this will never tell the whole story. Find out who the Russians and Americans were helping during World War II.


Well, after the calamaties of the Great Leap Forward, Mao was sidelined for the better part of a decade. To gain his power back, he triggered the Cultural Revolution and many of successors, like Deng Xaoping, were forced out of power, and it wasn’t until Mao’s death and the Gang of Three were dealt with that modern China emerged.


The allies had one goal in the far East, and that was defeating japan. Besides, Chiang Kaishek was no model of reasoned and civil leadership, and the Allies chief interest was in uniting the Communists and Nationalists to boot Japan out of China. WWII meant all kinds of uncomfortable alliances, including the Brits and Americans cozying up to Stalin.


That and MacArthur being relieved by Truman for tackling China. The resulting genocide of 65 million still stands.


Truman didn’t want a nuclear war with Russia, nor did he want a ground war with Chinese army. Both were sensible reasons for pulling MacArthur out. And Truman had a better idea for dealing with the two major Eurasian Communist powers; containment.


And a rather popular open trade of many things useful to the US. For this the US government does not squawk too loudly concerning human rights violations there.


Tackling China? When President Truman heard MacArthur was considering using atomic bombs against Chinese forces in a Russia-instigated proxy war, that was that.


Mao was the one man who was not satisfied with one horrible revolution, or two horrible revolutions, no he did it three times. Each more demonic than the previous one.


It’s unconscionable what has recently been allowed to happen to the underground Church. To be sure, they are heart broken and greatly disappointed (putting it charitably). Cardinal Zen has been very wise to counsel the underground Church to stay calm, not doing anything drastic, and to wait for a better time. They are holding dear to the hope that Christ and the Holy Mother never abandon their children.


It’s the same with communist Russia. The newspapers and Hollywood covered up a lot of the evils. Compare all the movies about the Holocaust to the amount of movies about Soviet and Chinese atrocities.


I think it’s true what the author said about how once we get into 20 million dead or 40 million dead, the numbers stop making sense because it’s just too many dead people to wrap our minds around.

The saddest part is that you will find Chinese people who defend Mao and think he is a great guy because he achieved Chinese unification; if he made a few mistakes along the way, well, all Chinese leaders who achieved unification messed a few things up. I have trouble understanding the Mao appreciation. Then again I’m not Chinese and have precious little exposure to their mindset.


We’ve actually had a fair bit of popular culture about Soviet atrocities, thanks to the Cold War and Solzhenitsyn. A lot less on China, unless you follow travel bloggers or go to a lot of international film festivals. More US people probably get frenzied over the annual dog meat/ cat meat festival in China than over the fact that 45 million people were killed there.


Didn’t Saint Paul and many other Fathers emphasized a cooperation with the state? The same Roman state that murdered hundreds of christians?

I don’t think it is prudent to turn the attention to Pope Francis, specially when the majority of the people complain when the pope intervenes “too much” in “international affairs”. Mao actions, and communism, were wrong, but I don’t think we should put Francis as cohort.


Communism is the Red Dragon from the book of revelation.

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