The Hour Is Late - Put down the birth control

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Ladies and gentleman,

May I have your attention please? Put down the birth control. You heard me. Put it down and walk away.

I don’t like to be harsh, but the hour is late. The citizens of many countries belong on the endangered species because they are dying out. Never before in the history of the world have so many countries lost so many people without disease or war to blame. This loss is by choice and it’s downright suicidal.


I am not telling you to have more children if you do not want them. I am telling you to want them. Couples have come to think that there is some cosmic balance that limits families to two children. Of course there are families that want to have children but can’t and those that can’t have more. This article is not addressed to them. Or do I (or I hope anyone) give dirty looks to small families assuming they are not doing their parts. It is between them and God. Even when people express shock at learning I have ten and proceed to either categorize me as a “special person” or announce the reasons why they don’t want more, I don’t judge them. Alas, I was once in the group that thought family planning was all about the planet, money and freedom. These are the main reasons people choose not to be open to new life. …

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This article puts a whole new spin on the mandate Christ gave us; we are failing in our commission. There is more to spreading the good news than preaching.

Proud single person with no children. Am I being directed to get married just to produce children? I hope not. The hour is not late. Noone yet in the free world is limiting the number of children a couple can have. On the flip side of that noone should mandate how many children a couple has to have. Catholic couples only have to follow the birth control issue. Others in good conscience do not. While it is desirable not use artificial means, noncatholics are not held bound to the rules we adhere to. The human race is not dying out. It is not an endangered species. Otherwise all of us single folks would be going against God’s will by not getting married which is so far from the truth it is laughable.

Since the article is from (Your Faith.Your Life.Your World), my guess is that it is directed toward married Catholics who are not following Church teachings, not single Catholics or those of other faiths.

I donlt think that commandment was meant to be for everyone single or married. Not to mention the world we live in today is far different then the world of back then. We have fulfilled the commandment in terms of expanding the human population imo as there are now almost 7 billion of us. And from what I have read more then likely 9 billion by 2050.
We have filled the earth plenty I say.

So am I to assume that I have to get married and am going against God’s will by not doing such? You don’t know God’s calling for my life. He may have His reasons that I should not be married and therefore it would be improper of me to produce children. Not everyone is called to marriage.

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You ask this in a Catholic forum where celibate lives are considered mandatory for certain people (priests, religious, gays and lesbians)?

While I disagree with the author’s statement that birth control needs to be abandoned to prop up a country’s birth rate, I don’t think her intention was that everyone should be expected to reproduce.

Plead your case to God, because I don’t agree. Children do not cause problems, they solve problems.

There is not one single word of that post that was mine. If you don’t feel called to be married or have children … like you said Jim, “You don’t know God’s calling for my life”. My goal was to defend Patti Maguire Armstrong against your criticisms.

Then you quoted the wrong part of my post because it seemed you associated being single as going against God’s commandment to be frutiful and multiply. I just don’t believe the issue should be governmentally manipulated in either direction. Let individual couples decide and Catholic couples of course should be required to follow Church teaching.

I think they can both cause and solve problems depending the child and the situation. :wink: Besides what problems could a child solve? Or are you basically saying that child could grow up into someone that will solve a problem?

Take Europe, for example, is on the verge of extinction. Demographics is destiny. Never in recorded history have prosperous and peaceful nations chosen to disappear from the face of the earth. Yet that is what the Europeans have chosen to do. Back in 1348 Europe suffered the Black Death, a combination of bubonic plague and likely a form of mad cow disease, observes American Enterprise Institute scholar Ben Wattenberg. “The plague reduced the estimated European population by about a third. In the next 50 years, Europe’s population will relive - in slow motion - that plague demography, losing about a fifth of its population by 2050 and more as the decades roll on.”

In 200 years, French and German will be spoken exclusively in hell. What has brought about this collective suicide, which mocks all we thought we knew about the instinct for self-preservation? The chattering classes have nothing to say about the most unique and significant change in our times. Yet the great political and economic shifts of modern times are demographic in origin

I realize Europe is facing some problems right now with it;s overall population. But I still think that claiming that it will collaspe and go extinct is pretty alarmist.


But not just someone, all of them (well maybe not all) grow up to work, solve problems, advance technology, i.e., make the world a better place to live. A failing population will distort our morals, cause seismic shifts in demographics, destroy cultures, etc. Hey, God gave us the whole universe, why the heck are we giving up?

Originally Posted by God
Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.

God was talking to a married couple (Adam & Eve) - He didn’t say this to Adam before Eve arrived, now did He? There is no obligation for anyone to marry if they are not called to do so. God does call people to be celibate and dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to him (religious like priests, nuns, monks, etc.; and single lay people)

oh really?

The number you need for merely maintaining a population is 2.1 babies per woman. Seventeen European nations are now at the “lowest-low”, 1.3 births per woman. This is the rate from which, according to demographers, no human society has ever recovered. ** In theory, countries at the “lowest-low” are falling fast, halving every thirty-five years or so.** In reality this will likely happen much faster. Imagine the social upheaval as an aging population grows increasingly dependant on youth to support all the government services they need (certainly not enough children to take in parents). It’s likely that many young people will head for the hills, or at least another continent where their entire livelihood will not be sucked up into government social security. It also seems inevitable that euthanasia will become ever more popular and aggressive. With more old people to support and less young people to do it, the pressure will be to reduce the burden.

Of course, there’s another problem that doesn’t seem to be addressed by the article.

With all these reduced numbers of babies being born, this leads to a reduced number of adults in the future who won’t be able to marry because - pay attention here: they can’t find a spouse. Their spouse was most likely contracepted or aborted away.

This leads them to leave the country to look for a spouse - and that also leads to the population going down in that country.

i dont like to consider it birth control, as much as making sure it doesnt burn when i go to the bathroom.



As I understand it, you are a single man living chastely. The original article was an appeal for couples to quit using artificial contraception because it obliterates God’s design to link sexual intimacy with making babies.

The entire article simply doesn’t apply to you. Single life is a hard thing (been there). People don’t flock to it as an easy out. Contraception on the other hand is an attempt to get what you want while rejecting what you don’t. It’s not a coincidence that it destroys fertility rates to below replacement levels everywhere it becomes respectable. But where contraception isn’t being used to prevent conception, then God’s self regulating social order is maintained - and a certain number of people living the challenging single life is a part of that self-regulating order.

Far different, yes. We have discovered our universe is bigger than anything we can imagine, filled with trillions of stars like our own and if the current trend in Astronomy keeps up, billions of planets like our own. We have 2 solid bodies we can colonize right now with our current technology, Mars and the Moon, not too mention empty space is colonizable. Hard, yes. Impossible, no. And the only thing people commonly suggest is, “population control.”
I am thankful that Isabel and Ferdinand did not have the attitude we have today.

that statement is kinda absurd.
we do not have the technology to make the moon or mars habitable for a civilization without draining the earth of its natural resources. the moon has zero natural resources, and is not suited for man to walk on it as he does on earth, and were still looking for what, if any renewable resources mars has, and it is less habitable than the moon.
right now, it is indeed impossible, and completely illogical for man to live on the moon or mars.
it is not for man to colonize the universe, only to try and understand it.

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