The 'how-to' plan to criminalize Christianity

personally i have always been opposed to hate crime laws. i dont think the goverment has the right to elevate one groups protection over another, it is the same discrimination as slavery, at least to me.

A growing movement that experts believe could end up in the criminalization of Christianity in the United States is being exposed in a new documentary being prepared for airing on October 26, officials at Coral Ridge Ministries have announced.

“Hate Crime Laws” is a half-hour exposé that shows how Christians in America, Canada, Australia, and Sweden have been arrested and prosecuted for expressing opinions that are rooted in the Bible regarding homosexual conduct, Islam or other topics about which Scriptures express clear teachings


Some states already have similar statutes, too, and in New Mexico, a photography company run by two Christians was fined $6,600 by the state for declining to provide services to a lesbian couple setting up a lookalike “marriage” ceremony.

The documentary cites the New Mexico case, as well as others.

“Canadian youth pastor Stephen Boissoin wrote a letter to the editor in 2002 criticizing homosexual activism and offering compassion and hope for people trapped by homosexuality. A human rights tribunal took notice and slapped him with a $5,000 fine, ordered him to apologize in writing, and snuffed out his free speech rights by placing a prior restraint on his public expression of any ‘disparaging’ opinions about homosexuality,” Coral Ridge officials said.

“In Sweden, Pastor Ake Green spoke out against homosexual conduct in a 2003 sermon and was prosecuted for ‘hate speech,’” the announcement continued.

In Australia, all it took to bring two ministers into a courtroom on charges of vilifying Islam was a seminar in their own church about Muslim beliefs.

Mark Hotaling, executive director for the Alliance, said initially supporters and even some opponents of the bill explained that there was an exception for churches and church organizations. However, lawmakers then attached to the bill a state “safety clause” which is supposed to deal with laws that are fundamental to protecting the lives of residents.

That, he said, simply stripped away any potential allowances for churches and church groups

there is a culture war going on, and the dark side is using the goverment to push us into a corner.

It’s to be expected. The prophecies state that in the end "lawlessness would abound. We’re seeing it happen.

In Christ

Fine. If we are criminals, we do not have to obey the laws of the land. :cool:

Actual, we’re instructed to endure it as Jesus did. Doesn’t mean we have to stick around for it, just that if it catches up with us.:frowning:

In Christ

This again.

I wonder, of that big chunk, how many are “Truly” christian?

In Christ

a vocal minority and activits judges sure can oppress the majority. history has shown that the majority isnt always in power and can be inored or oppressed. it didnt stop the minority of nazis in poland or france from wrecking havoc. sure that was an army, but numbers werent on their side. and it seems that is your whole argument.

Aye. And I’ll add that the default doctrine of society, even of those with the label “Christian” on them is overwhelmingly, “keep your mouth shut about it.” That is, anyone who speaks up or acts in a way consistent with Christian belief is immediately shouted down or harassed.

Yep. It is usually the “vocal minority” that ushers in Depotism and Dictatorships. Keep the power with the few to put down the many. Why do you think leftists like Stalin, Hitler, and Mao murdered so many.

In addition, there will become a time when we will have to decide if we are American or Catholic.

I have already made my decision. I am Catholic first and an American second.

what exactly does that mean? are you planning on renouncing your citizenship?

When government comes unjust (that is abandons God’s Natural Law), they cease to exist as a legitimate entity. Therefore there is no reason to renounce citizenship to that that does not legitimately exist.

I’m asking because I’m curious, I’ve seen this before. what is the practical effect of renoucing a citizenship that you believe doesn’t legitimately exist? I mean, you can say, “I’m not an american citizen” but that statement alone has no meaning. do you think you can become a legal permanent resident? you’d need a green card at least to hold a job here.

I don’t know if this contributes to the discussion, but if I recall correctly, not only did St. Paul retain his Roman citizenship, he even appealed to it to get some locals off his back.

as a public service, here is how to renounce your american citizenship

I think renouncing citizenship would generally be the wrong thing to do.

However, to deny that that in bits and bites, Christianity is essentially being outlawed, primarily at this time with the concept of “hate speech”, is to have have one’s head in the sand.

Hate crime laws are inherently anti-Christian and anti-Caucasian.

In addition, I never said anything about renouncing citizenship (it seems someone here is eager into forcing this). It is about loyalty. I am loyal to the Church (based on God’s Natural Law) first and country (based on man-made Positive Law) second. Saying that, the loyalty to the county is not absolute since man-made Positive Law is often opposed to God’s Natural Law.

Go for it! The fewer Conservatives that can vote the better! :thumbsup:

Am I being sarcastic to make a point? You decide.

I don’t know that it matters much, as I have dogs, cats and a turtle as registered GOP voters. and they do vote, faithfully.

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