The Humanity and Divinity of Jesus

Did first-century Jesus, as fully divine, know everything, as God in his omniscience purportedly knows everything? This is a question I am struggling to answer because if you say he did know wouldn’t this undermine the humanity of Jesus and if you say no wouldn’t this undermine the divinity of Jesus.

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The dual nature of Jesus being true man and divine certainly confuse many of us.

Without going into the theology of it, Jesus was true man except for sin. In other word, except for sin, he was a true man like you and I.

That would be the problem obviously. I would explain it when he did all the extraordinary things and having extraordinary knowledge about himself, he did it by the power of God, the Holy Spirit, so that it would not contradict his nature as a fully man.

That would be logical to me because Jesus said to his disciples that they also could do the same things as him, in fact even greater things, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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The short answer is “Yes BUT”
Jesus desired to experience humanity; all the while knowing it.

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To Jesus Through Mary

He not only knew everything but could also read minds.But because of free will of humans, he did not allow himself to use this power to the fullest.

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