The Hunt for Lenten Desktop Wallpaper

I love computer desktop wallpapers and keep a file of nice ones so I can swap out my desktop wallpaper at whim. I have a favorite wallpaper for Lent – a beautiful photo of the Cathedral in the Desert at Lake Powell – but I’d love to find one or two more options. I do have some Holy Week options, but if you know of a source for more of those as well, I’d be grateful.

BTW, I’ve checked out the old threads on CAF for possibilities, but the links are mostly outdated. (I can’t even find the exact image for my Cathedral in the Desert wallpaper online anymore, which makes me glad I save these when I find ones I like.) So, if you have any current possibilities, please share. Thanks!

Hmm, I don’t know of any already made lenten desktop wallpapers, but if you have any ideas in particular, I might be able to whip something up for ya.

Wow, if that is possible, that would be lovely. Thanks!

I’m a lot better at seeing what I like than coming up with ideas (:D), but I prefer images that are not overtly religious but can be religious “food for thought.” Most standard religious images (our Lord, our Lady, the Vatican, etc.) may be nice but I don’t necessarily want them on my desktop, at least not for long periods of time (the Crucifixion on Ash Wednesday or Holy Week is nice). For example, I love my Cathedral in the Desert wallpaper because it’s a lovely desert image (which is very Lenten) and I know it’s of a “desert cathedral.”

I guess if I were looking for images for Lent, here’s what I’d like:
*]rustic church (e.g., the California missions)
*]no words, esp. seasonal wording (I’d like to be able to use the image at other times of the year)
*]seasonal colors would be nice (browns for desert; shades of purple for Lent)
*]pilgrimage themes – e.g., a beach with seashells (the symbol of pilgrimage), a rustic scene of pilgrims (the pilgrims at Chimayo in New Mexico or Compostela in Spain)
[/LIST]For Holy Week, I’d love images of Jerusalem, particularly the way of the cross or Dominus Flevit (the church commemorating Christ’s tears over Jerusalem).

My screen tends to prefer images that are 1280 x 1024 and my desktop “links” are mainly on the left of the screen (so I’d love the focal point to be center-to-right). If you’re able to create anything, I’d love it! :slight_smile:

I’m on it! ^^

Here’s my first attempt, just some mission bells with a rustic purpley background.

And here’s another one. I’m off to bed now =]

These are wonderful! Thank you! :clapping::hug1::tiphat:

I found several I can share with you all.


Hear is a great collection of wallpaper.

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