The husband moved the dryer!



Well, I’d given up hope. On Sunday, he caught me on my ultimatium thread. I confessed. He was hurt and a little mad. But, later that day, he moved the dryer. He’s prepped the gas line and bought the supplies. All he has to do is finish the venting and hook it up–should take a hour.

I have mixed feelings. I am so happy to have it done, but I feel badly that I was discussing my husband in a negative way behind his back.

I’m not sure what is the lesson here. But, I wanted to let all those who prayed for us in this matter and gave such good advice.



Guess knowing that others outside of the family knew about his lack of motivation got him moving…:slight_smile:


the solution? hug him, say your sorry and mean it :slight_smile: that will make things better with him. in future since he got hurt, tell him you wont discuss it in a public forum but will go directly to him instead of telling us here. when i have an issue and it is rare believe me, i go directly to him.

if something is beyond my capabilities to do, i ask him, and if Frank does not do it, it is usually because he is bone tired, i ask him to do it when he is refreshed. and if that doesn’t work then i will get someone to help me out, usually my daughter as she is very strong and fit and she usually helps me do a task when it is hard for me to do, or when Fenny is to tired to do it himself.


You are right, of course. My wrinkle is I’d asked many times over several years. It was a job I couldn’t do myself or afford to hire out.

My next goal is to build a pantry. This, I believe, I can do myself–though not as well as dh. He is so good with building things.

I’ll be more prudent in the future. :slight_smile:


Alright Leonie!

And remember, with six kids around you wanting to “help” you may need to measure three times before cutting once!

At Home Depot, if you bring in measurements, you can cut your the wood you purchase for a tiny fee (like 25¢ per cut) on their saws. And if you find a helpful soul, they might even cut it for free, or at least do the cutting for you (bring in your baby so that they will see that you need help). Use at least 1/2" plywood for the shelves so they don’t sag. Don’t forget to support those shelves, perhaps with a strip of 1/2" quarter round underneath each shelf. And you can finish the front edge by gluing on some trim to round the rough edge of the plywood. I think that pretty much says everything I know about construction. You can even buy nice looking trim, so that if you want to paint the pantry, it will look good. Also, if you are going to put a door on the pantry, check the damaged-goods section of the store. Maybe there is something there already that you can use. Those prices are definitely negotiable.

I’m so proud of your husband. I knew he could do it! And you did it to. God bless your precious family.


Well, it all worked out for the best. And maybe he will think twice next time you ask him something…:wink:


Boy, he’s probably not going to be real happy to see you on these forums in the future…

Tel him Bravo and well done though!


YAY, leonie! Sometimes, it takes something like your ultimatum thread to get those hubbies moving. There’s been many a time when hubby has begrudgingly finished a project when I gave him an ultimatum. Just make sure you say “thank you”:wink: !!!


I hope that it is all resolved for you now. Make him a nice dinner and tell him thanks! I think all our husbands know we complain sometimes. I guess if communication were easier the world would not have any problems.


That’s great about the dryer!

Now, welcome to the world of strong, capable women who aren’t afraid of hoisting some power tools around when needed.

This is one of my favorite sites:

Happy pantry building!


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