The Iceman and his salvation


I watched a show last night about a man whose nickname was the Iceman(can’t remember the channel) He was at one time a hit man for the mob.

The interview really sent chills down my spine. He was remorseless. He told these horrible stories in the same tone that we would tell someone that we were filling the car with gas.

Worse then that, there were moments when he sounded very personable and likable! I could imagine having a conversation with him.

My eldest son, who wanted to watch the show, said that it made him nauseous. It wasn’t that the show was more graphic then he could handle, it was the obvious evilness of the iceman.:frowning:

My question is how does salvation work for someone like this man? It seems as if he is beyond feeling remorse for his crimes.How would a person like that ever come to a knowledge that they need a savior? :confused:


The prayers of the faithful for the light of Christ to penetrate the darkness within with the message of salvation and the invitation of Divine mercy …but yes, it appears like trying to cut through steel with a plastic knife.


This man might be a sociopath. They cannot relate to the feelings of others, but they have a deep-seated need to be liked. Jeffery McDonald (the Marine doctor who killed his pregnant wife and 2 little daughters) is a sociopath. Not all sociopaths become criminals, but (as I understand it) they have a harder time recognizing their own guilt or acknowledging it.

If this is a mental disorder, that would mitigate their culpability for any sins/crimes they might commit since they have no conscience hence no ability to understand right from wrong.

If this condition was caused by a turning to evil at a very young age and every day (so to speak) afterwards, then they would be culpable.

It is possible to harden one’s heart, on a day to day basis, to the point of not being able to hear the voice of God/of doing good. This man might be one of these. Of course, God can save anyone, but the likelihood that a man like that would want to seek out that salvation is probably quite low.

If a person can become a saint by daily taking up his cross and following Jesus then a person can become a hardened sinner by giving in to evil on a daily basis. Those able to make the choice between seeking to do good and seeking to do evil have the obligation to seek to do good.


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