The ideology behind 1789 and it's effects

"…The history of world revolution is bound up in the
history of a philosophy — or rather, a disease —
known as*** illuminism***.

— 10 —

The believer in Bible truth discovers in this weird
system of occultism a demonic principle capable of
warping" and twisting’ the minds of those who allow
themselves to come under its influence. The Satanic
germ out of which Illummism unfolds is found in the
letter of the Apostle Paul to the Ephesians, “For we
wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against prin-
cipalities, against powers, against the rulers of the
darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness
in high places.”

As there is a divine illumination which comes into
the sout of man through the revealed presence of the
Holy Spirit, so also there is a counterfeit light which
poisons, blights, blasts, destroys and produces moral
decay. There are psychic laws, black mental currents,
which, if contacted, will bring one under the conscious
control of Satan. There are “seducing spirits” capable
of impregnating the human mind with the “doctrines
of devils”.

There is a white light of spiritual illumination. And
there is a black light of Satanic illumination. “Satan
himself is transformed into an angel of light.” Illum-
inism is rooted in black magic. It produced a mighty
wave of occultism in the eighteenth century which even
swept governments from their foundations. And the
end is not yet!

These same hidden forces, often using influential
leaders as their pawns, are still actively^ engaged in
pushing their program of world chaos with the final
objective in view of pulling down the temple of civiliza-
tion and blotting Christianity from the face of the
earth. No matter where we find Illuminism or how
we trace its ramifications, Satan is always the Master
Mind behind it. Said the Christ, “I beheld Satan as
lightning fall from heaven.” It is true that Satanic
light fills the earth; this accounts for the fact that
the world is in darkness.

—11 —

The occult forces from which Iiluminism proceeds
are as old as the Kingdom of Satan on earth, but for
the present we shall trace its rise as a visible organiza-
tion from the latter part of the fifteenth century. That
it goes back to Nimrod and his Babel builders is evi-
dent. That it will produce the last great World Dicta-
tor, known to students of Bible prophecy as the Anti-
christ, is probable.

Pausing to consult the Encyclopaedia Britannica.
we discover that the term Iiluminism has been used
for centuries by mystic groups to indicate that “light”
had been “directly communicated to them from a high-
er source, or as due to a clarified and exalted condition
of the human intelligence”.

The same authority finds Iiluminism first emerging
from among the Gnostics, which of course takes
it back to the beginning of the Christian era. Gnosti-
cism was a filthy, abominable system, invented by the
Devil, to pollute and besmirch the early Church in
every conceivable manner. It was based upon the twin
evils of Spiritualism and immoral sexual practices. It
taught the idea that reason surpasses faith…"

(Winrod, George B. “Adam Weishaupt”. 1969)

“…III. The adept is supposed to possess qualities requisite for a General in consequence of those he may have evinced before he was called to the Supreme Council. As he is to preside over the whole Order, he must (more than any body else) be impressed with the principles of the founder, and be divested of all religious, political, or national prejudices. The grand object of the Order must be more particularly inculcated into him, namely, that of teaching the whole universe to set aside all government, laws, and altars; and he must perpetually attend to the grand interests of human nature. His zeal is to be stimulated at the sight of every man who is subjected to any authority. It is to reinstate the inhabitants of the earth in their original Equality and Liberty that he is constituted General of all the Illuminees that are or will be spread over the world during his reign, all labouring at the accomplishment of the grand revolution of the Man-King…”

(Code of the Illuminati, Part III, Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism, by Abbé Barreul. tr. by Robert Edward Clifford

Since you focused on 1789: Where are you going with this? With George Washington becoming U. S. president that year, and the French Revolution that year, is it your contention that the Bourbon monarchy should be restored in France, and that the U. S. needs to ask Britain to take it back?


The question is…would we have them? :wink:

I vaguely surmise the point is that both the project of creating a new United States on the one hand, and the intellectual underpinnings (such as they were prior to the early 1790s) of the French Revolution, were products of an emphasise on enlightened (or Enlightened) Reason; the pursuit of reason and order being a motivating factor in virtually every area of human endeavour, from architecture to zoology, from roughly that time until the present.

Some might argue (though I take no position on this), and perhaps quantum_star22 does, that letting individual and conglomerative Reason be a guiding principle, as opposed to anything else (and especially religious thought), is inimical to the Godly progress of humanity.

*"…He found contemporary Masonry well adapted for his
ends. His object was to extend it as far as possible as a means
of seducing men away from Christianity. He well knew that
Masonry and the Church were in mortal conflict, and that the
moment a man became a Mason, he, that instant, became
excommunicated; he lost the grace of God; he passed into a
state of hostility to the Church; he ceased to approach the
Sacraments; he was constituted in a state of rebellion; he
forfeited his liberty to unknown superiors; he took a dreadful
oath——perhaps many——-not to reveal the secrets then, or at any
after time, to be committed to his keeping; and finally, he
placed himself amongst men, all of whom were in his own
position, and in whose society it was possible and easy for the
astute disciples of Weishaupt to lead him farther on the road
to ruin.

Weishaupt’s view, then, was first to entice men into
Masonry—into the ‘lowest degree. A great gain for evil was
thus at once obtained. But a man, though in Masonry, may
not be willing to become an Atheist and a Socialist, for some
time at least. He may have in his heart a profound conviction
that a God existed, and some hope left of returning to that
God at or before his death. He may have entered Masonry for
purposes of ambition, for motives of vanity, from mere light-
ness of character. He may continue his prayers, and refuse, if
a Catholic, to give up the Mother of God and some practice of
piety loved by him from his youth. But Masonry was a capital
system to wean a man gradually away from all these things.
It did not at once deny the existence of God, nor at once
attack the Christian Dispensation. It commenced by giving
the Christian idea of God, an easy, and, under semblance of
respect, an almost imperceptible shake. It swore by the name
of God in all its oaths. It called him, however, not a Creator,
only an architect——the great Architect of the universe. It care-
fully avoided all mention of Christ, of the Adorable Trinity, of
the Unity of the Faith, or of any faith.
It protested a respect for
the convictions of every man, for the idolatrous Parsee, for the
Mahommedan, for the Heretic, the Schismatic, the Catholic.
**By—and-by, it gave, in higher degrees, a ruder shock to the
belief in the Deity and a gradual inducement to favour Naturalism.

This it did gradually, imperceptibly, but effectually. Now, to a man who meditated the vast designs of social and religious destruction contemplated by Weishaupt,
Masonry, especially the Masonry of his period, was the most
effective means that could be conceived. In its midst, there-
fore, he planted his disciples, well versed in his system. These
consisted of three classes, each class having subdivisions, and
all of which were high degrees of Masonry. The firstclass of
Illuminati, was that of preparation. It consisted of two
degrees, namely, the degree of Novice and that of Minerval.
The Minervals formed the great body of the order, and were
under the direction of certain chiefs, who themselves were
subjected to other agencies invisible to those instructed by
themselves. Weishaupt instructed the teachers of the Miner-
vals to propose each year to their scholars some interesting
questions, to cause them to write themes calculated to spread
impiety amongst the people, such as burlesques on the Psalms,
pasquinades on the Prophets, and caricatures of personages
of the Old Testament after the manner of Voltaire and his
school. It is surprising with what exactitude these Minervals
follow out the instructions of Weishaupt to this day. At this
moment, in London, under the eyes of the Lord Chancellor,
pamphlets, with hideous woodcuts, ridiculing David, “the man
after God’s own heart,” are weekly published. One of these,
which was handed to me in a public place, had a woodcut
representing the “meek Monarch of Judea,” with a head just
severed from a human body in one hand, and the sword that
did the deed in the other. Another represented him amidst
a set of ridiculous figures dancing. From this we can easily
judge that‘. illuminated Masonry is at work somewhere even
in London, and that the Masonry in high quarters is blind to
its excesses, exactly as happened in France a few years before
the French Revolution. Now these Minervals, if they mani-
fested what the German Masons called “religionary” inclina-
tions, might indeed receive the first three Masonic degrees,
but they were not to be further promoted in Illuminism. They
were relegated to the rank and file of Masonry, who were of
use in many ways for the movement, but they were never to
be trusted with the real secret. The teacher, without seeming
to do so, was ordered to encourage, but not to applaud
publicly, such blasphemies as the Minervals might make use
of in their essays. They were to be led on, seemingly by them-
selves, in the ways of irreligion, immorality, and Atheism,
until ripe for further promotion in evil progress.
Finally, in
the advanced grades of Illuminated Major and Minor, and in
those of Scotch Knight and Epopte or Priest they were told
the whole secret of the Order as follows, in a discourse by the

("Dillon, Msgr. George. “Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked”. 1967).–Grand_Orient.pdf

This sounds a lot like the New World Order conspiracy theories that Jack Chuck and Kent Hovind spout. And other gullible fundamentalist sorts.

Who is Jack Chuck? Personally I think there is some serious historical discussion to be had regarding this. A lot of people are quick to dismiss this as simple “conspiracy theory”. The thing is that illuminism is real and Pius XII saw it as a menace.

Here, I’ll give you a bump.

Yes, illuminism is basically the trifecta of rationalism, empiricism, personal experience, which yields some sort of personal enlightenment. It’s not fundamentalist, actually, so much as the fact that they are merely, naturalist principles, being played out throughout history, and sometimes even before our eyes. So it’s not as if it is just history discussion fodder.

It is a menace. The Popes for the last couple centuries were very wise in warning about it. St. Maximilian Kolbe tried to take the Masons to task, and that wasn’t that long ago. If one had to put human nature and human reason as one’s guiding principles, that would actually imply that one was initially insufficient in that endeavor. But unless it was apparent and obvious, why make a mountain out of a mole hill?

Again, this isn’t really fundamentalist, or “conspiracy theory!”, illuminism is the result of a rather natural process, in the human mind. But exactly what kind of light you see, what sort of supposed enlightenment one is getting; one best be sure that Satan is a very powerful creature, capable of disguising himself as an angel of light. Again, this idea isn’t new to Christians but it is one always worthy of reminder. One can talk about how we are still living in dark times. But that’s beside the point. If anything, that implies that we humans will always look for the light, out of the dark, otherwise that merely implies that we humans prefer the dark, but one must not always be so bold as to suggest this. However, since there are certain types of light that we must avoid, again, this is why illuminism is such a massive threat to the faith.

Gnosticism did teach the idea that reason surpasses faith. But human reason has always been Satan’s little playground, since Satan understands us better than we understand ourselves. Which is why faith is so important as well. It doesn’t help that the ancient Stoics, the earliest persecutors of the Christian faith, taught something very similar. The ancient Stoics were the original naturalists if you think about it. They considered the original Christians as weak men, rude, backstabbers, useless, stupid, a threat to the State. The Gnostics didn’t discover anything new, they merely adopted the ways of the worldly men of their time.

However it is difficult to identify these naturalist principles, at work, just because they are so gradual. The average lifespan of a human is what, about 75 years? What can the average man really comprehend in 75 years? The Church has about 2000 years of history. This is why Masonry is so completely evil. It would eventually erase a man’s Christian identity, because he is unable to identify these principles playing out, little by little, unless of course he always had an invincible kind of faith; and of course that is a supernatural grace given to those who actually wanted it. Even if one doesn’t actually deserve it. And this is why anyone who has any leanings or sympathies towards the Masons, or secret societies, or even underground societies in general, will eventually find himself outside the Church and outside true Christianity, if not formally excommunicated. They find themselves in many no-win situations, which does start leading to the belief that they can only rely on themselves, they can only rely, on, self. Thusly, and eventually, they start believing that they have to kill their self, kill their false self, to find their true, self. But when one actually practices this, they make themselves subject to others and their agenda, their propaganda. And this process gets reset all over again.

One can dismiss this as NWO “conspiracy!” material all they want. but to deny this, one is actually denying that there are many naturalistic principles, alone, at work.

It is true that the Illuminati is a big threat to Christianity. They seek to destroy it and replace it with the New World Order agenda. The New World Order agenda promotes leftism. It was the ideology behind 1917 in Russia. Leon Trotsky admired the Illuminati. He may have been a member of it himself. The Soviet flag had a five-pointed star on it. The five-pointed star is often an occult symbol used by the Illuminati and Freemasons. The Illuminati is trying to bring socialism to America by using Bernie Sanders. The Sanders campaign has a five-pointed star in its logo. This could very well be Illuminati/occult symbolism. God is more powerful than the Illuminati though. He will defeat them in the end.

You’ve got to remember that socialism isn’t inherently evil, just ridiculous. If it’s linked with an obscure (and now-defunct) group of peculiar intellectuals in the 18th century, then fine.

Actually it’s useful because it all might force us to address problems in our society we might otherwise ignore, even if we don’t go for ‘socialist’ solutions. The same goes for Bernie Sanders himself, by the way: we need people like him. We need a few socialists (just not with unilateral hold on power)

There is always a desperate need, for some, to find a Global Conspiracy, the reason for which is entirely lost on me…a desire to find one doesn’t make it exist.

The Popes have condemned socialist materialism though. The Communist Manifesto was also commissioned by the Illuminati according to this

Youtube vidoes, well we can’t argue with that as a standard of proof can we? :wink: Why not simply read the Communist Manifesto for yourself and see what it says? It is available online to read free of charge.

Mark Dice is quite reliable. He uses a lot of evidence to back up his claims. The Communist Manifesto was commissioned by the Communist League. That was a secret society. Why does communism contain a lot of occult symbols?

What is an ‘occult symbol?’. This is one of those rabbit holes particularly beloved of a certain species of website.

The red five-pointed star of communism can be an occult symbol. It is called a pentacle. Freemasons use this symbol.

So did Christians for a long time, you will find it used in Christian art quite a bit if you look and in Churches also if you look. This hardly represents proof as five pointed stars are a very common symbol and used on your own flag are they not?

Five-pointed stars are used on the American flag and the American flag is in my avatar. A YouTube user named Free your Mind said they can be used as occult symbolism though.

Look up the concept of semiotics and mutable symbolism I would suggest at this point.

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