The Illuminati

Do you think that the illuminati exists, or is it just all in our heads?

Well I used to think they existed a long time ago. Now I do think its in our heads. Now there are many things surrounding the Illuminati theories. Some things are just illogical to believe (like their relation with aliens), some things are possible (like their satanic practices). But in general terms, I think all these theories are false.

The Illuminati were an anti-Catholic secret society of so-called intellectuals aand minor nobles in 18th century Bavaria. Many of their members also belonged to the Masons.
The Illuminati, their associates and assorted followers were eradicated by the Bavarian King and Wittlesbach family Nobility (all very strongly Catholic) in the very late 1700’s. None survived the purge and none were alive by the year 1800. The Illluminati were the last threat to the Catholic Church and the Bavarian Throne until the Bolshevic uprising in Bavaria post WW I in 1918/1919.
Since that time, various conspiracy theorists have resurected the Illumanati, along with the “secret Masonic Cable” as being the cause of every political and social ill imaginable.These theories rank with flying saucers and little green men as one of the great hoaxes in Western history.
The writers and other people who promulgate these myths prey on the general ignorance of history by the public at large.

Do the Illuminati exist?
Depends on what you mean by “The Illuminati.”

As a formal, organized body with rules and structure, and called by the name,
no, they do not exist any longer.
That group was founded on May 1st, 1776, by Adam Weishaupt.
They were broken up by magistrates and abolished. They WERE conspiring miscreants.

Illuminism, however, does exist.
Rosicrucians, such as the AMORC, based in Southern California, are followers of it.
SO WAS ADOLF HITLER, who was taught this pagan and racist system of thought and esotericism by it’s chief German proponent, Guido Von List, founder of the German
Thule Society, which Hitler joined, and which society, Thule, FOUNDED the Nazi Party, in the biggest gay bar in Munich, years before the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923.

Like Germany’s Thule/Nazis, the Rosicrucians of AMORC
believe in Atlantis, and that various races and “root races” survived the sinking of Atlantis.
The chief race to survive and the only Spiritually-capable race to survive and have the possibility of advancing to Godhood, was the ARYAN race. Other races, such as those we call “Jews,” Africans, Slavs, etc., also survived, but those these folks LOOKED like human beings, as human as the Aryans in appearance, they are really sub-human,
NON-human, beings. They LOOK like us humans, but they aren’t REALLY, TRULY human, as the belief goes. They have impure, tainted blood. Unlike theirs, Aryan blood is pure. Sometimes, the Gods come down and inhabit the body of an Aryan. These men are called AVATARS. Jesus, an Aryan ((they claim!!!)) was one of these Avatars.
Salvation and advancement to godhood is ONLY possible for Aryans. All other races, the root races, if they are allowed to live at all, are to live in perpetual servitude to the Aryans, who will advance true humanity to superhuman greatness and accomplishment.

This, of course, though part of Von List/Thule/Hitlerian/Rosicrucian belief,
comes right out of Madame Blavatsky’s horrible book, THE SECRET DOCTRINE.
It is the foundation of the entire New Age Movement, as well.
Many ethnic Jewish people are fans of the New Age movement with it’s crystals and serene music, etc., having no idea of the horribly racist and anti semitic teachings at the very foundation of this movement. IF they knew, they would be shocked and appalled, as would most people. The pagan New Age Movement is very similar to Nazi-ism in all aspects of it’s core beliefs.

It was belief in this Aryan superiority that led Hitler and his evil Nazis to first IMPRISON the Jews in camps, and then attempt to annihilate them entirely, and he damned near succeeded.

The last Shah of Iran, Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, was a friend of the Jewish state of Israel and came to love the Jewish people.
His DAD, Reza Shah, was another matter. The Nazis believed that the Persians were the original Aryans and came came to Reza Shah and flatteringly told him all this stuff.
AT which point, in the 1930s, Reza Shah CHANGED the name of his country
from Persia to IRAN, which means, the Land of the Aryans. Reza Shah was quite backward and easily misled.

His son, Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, for ALL his faults, was a forward thinking man, who wanted peace with all nations, came to love the Jewish people, established ties with Israel, built and was building a vast network of schools, hospitals, factories, improving infrastructure, granting full rights to Women, and a host of other advances, made rapidly during his White Revolution from 1967 to 1977. The rapidity of this change, coupled with his granting rights to Women and recognizing Israel, outraged Iran’s fundy Mullahs, leading them to team up with the Communists, all under Khomeini’s leadership, and overthrow this forward-thinking King in 1979, and with a burning hatred of him to boot.

But enough about that bit of history. Illuminism is basically pagan elitism. It is found in AMORC and other new agey organizations, but others believe in it, too. Eugenicists do, many of the super-rich blueblood families in America and Europe also do, and they are planning on enslaving us unworthies in a New World Order under a one-world government, as soon as possible. The Vatican knows that such a World Order is inevitable, and is trying to guide people into preventing it’s builders from destroying God’s image in man and from destroying Christ’s faith from off the face of the Earth.
This is all very interesting, and let’s watch how it all plays out.
The conspiracy theorists have been 100% vindicated. I have books that they wrote back as far as the 1960s, which books were LAUGHED TO SCORN by most readers and by the conventional, media-driven wisdom of the day.
Yeah, right. EVERY LAST THING that those authors said would happen, HAS happened or IS happening right now. A nearly 100% perfect predictional track record.
The two books were NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON, by John Stormer,and
Amazing. They were so wrong, so paranoid, it was alleged, and
yet, these alleged “wingnuts” got just about everything they predicted, 100% right.

GeorgeStegmeir, hi brother.
I’ve done my homework. You are right that there is no Illuminati Organization today.
But Illuminism, it’s philosophy, esotericism, and mindset, most definitely still exist.

As far as conspiracy theories, they have been largely vindicated.
The two books I reference above have a nearly 100% perfectly fulfilled track record concerning their predictions. These men researched the rich blue-blood families behind these world-order trends ((as did famous novelist, Taylor Caldwell, who could burn your ears off with her irrefutable documentation of these things)), and found that they were, indeed, working out a long time familial plan to remake the world over for the benefit of the elitist and esotercism-believing Super Rich. There’s nothing “theoretical” about it,
it is all fact. Even conspiracy theory hater, Gov. Jesse Ventura, discovered, when working to DEBUNK conspiracy theories about the Bilderbergers, discovered to his shock and horror that everything said about the Bilderbergers and their Bilderberg group was true.
His episode, intended to debunk theories about the Bilderberg group, ended instead with him declaring, FOLKS, THIS one is for Real. These people really are conspiring to enslave the nations, and they are real and they are PURE EVIL.
This, from a man who generally thinks Conspiracy Theories are right wing Christian extremism and utterly ridiculous. But after the goon squads hired by the Bilderbergers personally chased him and his crew and tried to kill them by trying to run them off the road, all of which was caught on camera, Ventura was freaked out and angered and dug a lot deeper and discovered…its…all…true…

As for UFOs, I know, not merely believe, that they are Real. I, my neighbors, my family, all saw them, and saw them put on quite a “show” for over an hour and a half, one night. Something I never want to see so again. It was uncanny, unnerving, and something not of this terresrtrial reality. I.e., I don’t believe in “little green men from Mars” either, brother, but these things are real. For many reasons, I and many others who have researched this phenomenon, am convinced (unlike those alien astronaut nuts on the History Channel) that these phenomenon are Paranormal, not extraterrestrial, manifestations. Keep those evil things away from me. May I never see them again.
Peace to you, good brother,

I agree these things are evil.

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