The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and We’re Falling For It

Food for thought:

Is this a commentary?

So tired of this Trump hatred every single day.

Then Trump himself should stop producing hateful policy and directing hate towards everyone who disagrees with him. See his Twitter rants this morning.

This thread has been reported for using a commentary against forum rules.

We are way past Trump hatred at this point.

Interesting. But I’m not sure Trump is that organized. Others that he consults with might be. I thought the Christmas skit of SNL was funny, but I hope not accurate. Tillman and Putin discussing world affairs while Trump was concerned with Vanity Fair and Kanye.

Trumps tweets reveal a very thin skinned fellow. President elects shouldn’t really be tweeting about Arnold Shwartzenegger’s ratings, or calling Meryl Streep over rated. Presidents should be above that, no?

Now you know how we felt about the Obama hatred.

Care to cite a link to those specific rules?

Everyone knows no commentary is allowed only news articles. If this thread remains open and sanctioned by the forum, I’ll find it baffling.

I think Trump is doing what he is told to do. I agree, I don’t think Trump is that organized.
But it certainly does leave room for thought.
And thanks for actually reading the article.

I have seen those rules in the past. I can’t find them anymore. I just wondered if you might have better luck.

I would rather people actually read the blog post (not mine) and comment on that. I found it thought provoking.

My thoughts stand provoked. Or actually, it caused me to realize the article’s author left out the Trump organization’s filling warehouses full of torches to sell to the government at obscene profits, in order for the then-overtly fascist government to hold torchlight parades followed by book burnings. But perhaps that’s all in his follow-up article down the line.

But the writer could also attract some of the Sci-Fi crowd to his fictional writings by introducing a Martian or something. Is Melania’s accent actually a Martian accent? :eek: Again, perhaps in the next article.

I like it.

More conspiracy theory histrionics from the left. Color me surprised.

I hope the thread remains: the commentary is fascinating. So where is the commentary about George Soros and the color revolutions he has financed around the world – including the one now being attempted in the USA?

I skimmed this this morning.

This is similar speculation from that site:

Trial Balloon for a Coup?

I think Bannon is behind all of this. He’s smart, sneaky, and mean.

Is “headfake” some variety of newly minted euphemism along the lines of “fake news” or “alternative facts”? :confused:

More or less than Cheney?

“The ACLU will file motions to oppose the most extreme parts of our measure, that’s actually going to be useful too. We don’t actually care if we win, that’s why we made it more extreme than it needed to be. But in doing so, the lawsuit process will test the loyalty of those enforcing what we say.”

This is where the commentary loses me. The Trump administration is doing everything by the Constitution. The ACLU won’t succeed in suing them. You need to study the law if you think this is thought provoking.

It’s a conspiracy theory at best.

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