The Importance of Accepting All Suffering for Christ

Grace to you and peace from Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Brothers and Sisters, I want to emphasize how important it is to accept all sufferings that come your way for Christ. On His way to Calvary, Christ suffered immensely. We must imitate him through our own suffering, such as doing severe penance, intense prayer, mortifying the flesh, and depriving oneself of most luxuries. For example, I do not drive to Mass. I walk in the freezing cold. Walking to Mass in the freezing cold brings me closer to the Way of Calvary, and to the sufferings of the early Christians.

By doing this, we become closer to His Passion, and the glory and kingdom of heaven. We must continue to fill ourselves with grace, not only by doing severe penance, but by immersing ourselves in the sacraments. We must receive the Eucharist often. As St. Pius X said: “Communion is the shortest and safest way to heaven.” Pray the Rosary often, and find your own special way to come closer to Christ.

Blessings from Our Lord Jesus Christ, who so loved the world, he took up a cross and died for us. Amen. Amen.

Yes and with, I hope, the approval of a vetted spiritual director. The evil one can use the pursuit of extreme penance as a powerful temptation to pride. We can’t earn Heaven by our actions. Sometimes a greater sacrifice is obedience. St. Therese of Lisieux was not permitted by her spiritual director to perform great physical penances, for example.

May God bless you!

Absolutely. I forgot to mention this. Thank you for reminding me. One should always consult with a spiritual director before practicing mortification of the flesh (such as whipping, etc.) or some other great penance. Note that there are some minor forms of mortification of the flesh (such as sleeping on the floor, standing while you are watching TV, taking cold showers, etc.). These do not require spiritual direction. For example, walking to Mass in the freezing cold would be considered a minor form of mortification of the flesh.

Again, thank you for noting this. This is very important. :thumbsup:

self scrafice, feasting, giving things up just to give them up, I like them all Suffering for love

What looks like a chain around an ankle becomes a golden jewel Suffering

In my sixty plus years, I’ve learned that few people have to make their own cross, life gladly provides most of us with our crosses.


Would somebody please list penances/mortifications I can do which do not need the approval of a spiritual director? Thanks in advance!

You really just have to use your own judgement to determine whether you need a spiritual director or not. A good note would be that if your penance involves harming yourself, you would need a spiritual director. If you told me what you wanted to do, I could tell you whether you need a spiritual director or not.

I was just hoping to get some ideas of some small mortifications besides the ones I am already familiar with. God bless you.

I would think that anything that was slightly disagreeable would be a small mortification. Perhaps the hamburger is too dry but you eat it without ketchup anyway, or maybe you have itchy socks or something…:shrug:

Exactly that. It is small things that causes discomfort. For example, sleeping on the floor, wearing worn-out shoes, eating low-quality food, taking cold showers, etc. There are millions, if not billions, of things.

Some of these things, I don’t really consider a penance, maybe I’m just strange.

Sleeping on the floor? Did that in my first apartment, was very happy with a sleeping bag … that lasted until my parents came down to visit and insisted that I get a bed like normal people. To me, sleeping on the floor felt like camping out … of course, I was younger at the time. :o

Wearing worn-out shoes? Guilty as charged … It’s called saving money. Doesn’t feel like a penance. When the weather’s bad, why waste a perfectly good new pair of shoes? The old shoes are comfortable enough … though I suppose I should get rid of them at some point so as to look appropriately presentable for work, or only wear them on the weekend or something. :cool:

Low-cost food? Dinner tonight consists of ramen soup with a hard-boiled egg and peas. Doesn’t seem like a penance to me since I like the taste. I did add spices however: red pepper flakes, garlic, and oregano.

Now the cold shower thing … THAT would be a penance! :snowing:

Here’s another penance that actually might work for me, strange as it seems … You know how in Lent you abstain from meat and eat fish? Well, one year I considered giving up sushi for Lent. I ended up not giving it up, since it’s fish … But maybe I should give it up, because it would definitely be a sacrifice. Or is it too silly to give up fish and limit your legitimate Lenten Friday food choices?

Turning off the TV, radio, and / or the internet can be a penance as well.

Another way to offer up our suffering can be to offer up things like headaches, sore throats, etc.

Here is the Fatima Sacrifice prayer:

Oh my Jesus, it is for love of You,
in reparation for sins committed against the
Immaculate Heart of Mary,
and for the conversion of poor sinners.

(I also add, and for the poor souls in purgatory.)


A simple life is a good life…
I just love driving my 25 year old pick-em-up-truck with the working radio. It’s burning through the second pair of doors and second bed, the bumper is shot and the fender is gone; people told me to betray it to the marauders during the “Cash for Clunkers” program, but no way. I get way too much happiness from that trashy truck. It would be a severe penance to get a new car.

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