The importance of immigration



Please do not take moral advice from Bernie Sanders.


Bernie Sanders is just another Washington fat cat who doesn’t care about the working class. Stop immigration now, it does great damage to community based societies.


When the D’s had a majority in both houses when Obama was president, did they accomplish anything about this issue? No. Obama’s solution was to issue an EO after several years’ worth of statements that it would be unConstitutional for him to do anything like that.

And all of this was after a period during the Bush (2) administration when many Ds flip-flopped against immigrants in the face of burgeoning R support for immigration led by Bush.

So in the end, Trump rescinds the professor of Constitutional law’s previously unConstitutional EO and says he will sign a bill continuing the program, even one that includes more people! And Sanders lays the blame at the feet of Trump?



This is from February. Is he still talking?

Funny how the liberals always fail to use ‘illegal’ when they talk about immigration.


Senatorial grandstanding is not a good example of anything to do with morals.

I’d rather watch sausage being made.


It’s not like CAF is going to do something about it.


I have no problem using the word with respect to immigration. I just refuse to refer to human beings as “illegals”. It’s a disgusting term and Catholics in America should be ashamed to use it.


Absolutely agree. I am referring to the law as in illegal immigration. You invariably hear we are a nation of immigrants from the liberals that oppose President Trump. Yes we are and Ellis Island is a national landmark.


If you support open borders you are engaging in the Satanic endeavors of child sex traffickers. It’s easier to smuggle little kids when there’s no security. You wouldn’t live in a house without a door, don’t tear down the borders and refuse to differentiate yourself from outsiders. Only someone who doesn’t love their children and want to protect them would behave this way.


OK. I just read the article in the OP. It has to do with Dreamers, not the current scandal concerning unaccompanied minors disappearing, families being separated and selectively deported, etc. I don’t understand the relevance to what’s going on right now besides a very vague connection to immigration as a whole.


Blame game. Trump’s favorite daily routine. How many years does this guy have to be in office before some of the blame goes to him?


Yes, they do love to conflate the benefits from legal immigration onto all illegal immigration.

They also completely ignore how illegal economic migrants hurt our poor the most, it’s almost as if they are in the pockets of capitalist business owners who want cheap labor.


Trump is cracking down on legal immigration. It’s safe to say that he’s anti-immigration as a whole.


We use the more accurate word “undocumented,” not “illegal.” To be in this country without papers is a violation of civil law, not criminal law.


This is a strawman. Bernie Sanders doesn’t support “open borders.” And absolutely nobody has proposed removing 100% of the screening process for immigrants.


Its still a violation of law, and the people involved need to make it back to their own countries and get in line for legal access.

The real problem with immigrants in general is that a lot of people who come here really don’t have means of support once they arrive- or even skills that are needed in our economy so they can be self supporting.

My grandfather came to the United States over a hundred years ago when the country needed men with strong backs to dig coal and work in industry. He was interested in the work, it was a good match. We don’t have that kind of opportunity available now. The fewer number of jobs requiring a good back can be filled by folks already here.

The immigrants we do need are highly educated and technically skilled people.


As I stated above, there’s almost no legal access anymore.

RE: "A violation of law,"I love this quote.

Many Americans, especially conservative Americans, tend to be selective legalists. Despite their recognition of the falsity of some anti-life laws, they hold that the law confirms a sort of territorial moral exclusivity on citizens.

And yet . . .

" . . . the idea that one group of people can morally set a broad region to be off limits to other groups of people is absurd.

Where would such a moral right come from?"

This actually isn’t true.

How lovely that you’ve been able to benefit from the sacrifices that your grandfather made. It’s a crying shame that you don’t support extending that right to other people.


Well, I am old enough to have remembered all those events on my own. I don’t need anyone to tell me some version of what happened.


Who is this “we” you speak of? Because I know it’s not illegal in the US to walk about without papers, unlike the situation in some other countries, but it is illegal to be here without having obtained the appropriate permission.

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