The importance of immigration


You aren’t making sense.

They were always “allowed to be separated”
In fact the 9th District court made it mandatory when you were detaining the parent. That was back in 97.


My understanding is the only cases which this is about are those cases where the Illegal Alien requests asylum status. If the alleged parent doesn’t ask for asylum, the whole matter is processed quickly and the family is back together usually with a few hours and are usually on their way back to their homeland.

However, Asylum Cases take more than 20 days, and this causes the delay.

Right now, it looks like President Trump will be doing the will of the activists and the families will be incarcerated together.


Yet when we try to enforce the laws we have we hear screams of outrage no matter what we do.

If you think how the law is being unfairly enforced, got a better idea on how to do enforce it better, preferably one that does not result in screams of outrage?


Why can’t people who want to immigrate here apply via legal means?

Lots of people around the world do that. What makes people who come illegally get to have first dibs on being let in ahead of those who applied legally?


That is an excellent question. Why don’t we have reform to allow a legal process for those that want to come here?


I think there already are processes in place for asylum seekers.

My parish helped approved asylum seekers settle down in the country.


A just path to citizenship.


Some do - mostly they are able because they have advamtages such as money, education, literacy, an American consulate in their country (not all countries have 'em), peace, food in their bellies and so on.


Details please! I would love to hear your fair, just proposal that does not show favoritism to those who cross the southern border.


These are asylum seekers, they may not want citizenship, only a place to stay until circumstances change.

I know several men who were granted asylum from Iran after the mullahs took over. Their intent was to return to their own country after the situation is resolved over there, not stay in America permanently.


The USCCB has laid out a plan for this. Look it up, please.


A simpler path to asylum would suffice for them, then. It used to take only 60 days. What we’re doing now with up to 5 year delays is new.


Have the number of asylum claims mushroomed?

How many are considered spurious and without merit?

The Iranian gentlemen I know applied in Europe to come to the United States.


All of them right now, apparently. That’s the Trump administration, however, not the asylees.


or with catch and release, where they are effectively given the right of abode,
in front of everyone else who went through the process.


You wrote: [quote=“pnewton, post:175, topic:491691”]
I don think anyone advocates for open borders. Welcoming illegal immigrants, say by letting them be legal, is not the same as an open border. It is quite the opposite.

I shouldn’t have said closed borders as that implies something I didn’t mean. But I meant the opposite of open borders, which you think letting anyone in is the opposite of, which I find completely bemusing.


There is a big difference between a legit asylum seeker and economic migrants exploiting a loophole.


this makes me sick…you know what “wop” means? “With out papers.” That’s what we used to call italians. How dare people be so cruel to mexicans trying to do the same thing?


I’m all about mercy to the law-abiding.

Federal offenders? Not so much. The kids? It’s not their fault - but honestly, at some point that is the fault of the parent that attempted to cross into the US illegally to start with.

This problem is being dumped on the taxpayer equivalent of a front porch.


Reference Theo’s quote above, please. There is a world of difference between an illegal alien (yep, that’s the correct term, just like my permanent resident husband is rightfully referred to as a legal alien) and a legitimate refugee or asylum-seeker.


Most of these people are not Mexicans. Mexicans, when caught on this side of the border illegally, are by agreement deported back to Mexico.

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