The importance of immigration


And they are citizens. Completely different situation.


I’m m just saying that as a result, I am not against some form of legalization for tthose who have been here a long time. Personally, I would not give them a"path to citizenship" (for several reasons), and certainly not the ability to bring in more relatives (which I would restrict for legal immigrants as well).

The alternative is trying to find them and deporting them, which is also a heavy use of our resources.

And of course, first proper border control.


I’m not against granting them legal status to stay, much like a temporary entry/resident visa - but only because that gives us a quiet life, so to speak.

But to just give them LPR status is totally unfair. Too many are in the queue waiting just for permission to enter.

If we even grant that permission, I can promise the outcry from those waiting will be loud and long - and fair.


The "attitude " of immigrants have changed.


Please provide an exact quote where I said I proposed that we “give up having a border, a country, and let the entire third world move into your neighborhood.”


Stereotypes. Nice.


Brother JR explained this so well, but I cannot.

I can totally see that it is unfair, but at the same time, if others are not delayed as a result, I think it’s like that parable.


The first step is legal permanent residency. After one year, legal permanent residents are eligible to apply for citizenship. In other words, legal permanent residency is the first step on the path. I favor this aforesaid process.


I will always disagree with that.

We have limits on the number of visas handed out each year, on the number of green cards handed out each year…and it doesn’t matter if “others aren’t delayed”. Like I said, the pay example is unjust. If someone’s been here illegally for years, and is just handed status because we suddenly decide they deserve amnesty, that is a complete slap in the face to those who are waiting and following the law. Whether they’re delayed is irrelevant. They’ve paid their fees, filed their paperwork. Unfair.


No. It’s five years. The N-400 can be filed five years after one becomes an LPR. Alien spouses can apply after three years. It’s essentially offered to you after 20 years.

So how about all those folks in the queue who have been waiting ages to even be able to file for LPR status?


Didn’t furnish “stereotypes” now did I? When my grandparents came to Ellis island along with thousands of people from many countries, it was their desire to “become” Americans. To work hard, do well by their children and “assimilate” into their new country America. They did not march in the streets demanding Italian spoken in schools, paperwork to be written in Italian, and later “press two” for Italian. My grandfather paid money to book passage here and he didn’t cruise over on the QE2. My father was born at home as were his siblings. My grandfather shined shoes in a train station. My grandmother scrubbed steps of brownstone buildings and found work as a maid, a cook, whatever she could get. She was 17 when she got here. My grandfather worked for 3 yrs so he could pay for a ticket for her to come to the US. The point is, their “attitude” to immerse themselves and their children into the American dream. Now we have rampant welfare fraud, Medicaid fraud, the new immigrants making demands for America to cater to them. I think we need to clean up our backyard before inviting anyone over.


But the example is from Jesus. Doesn’t God understand Justice better than we? Now I would be the first to say that those who are waiting should come first, or just as fast, in any reform, as long as their is no rich-first tier. But as for the others, I see it as a false dichotomy, but then as I have said, I see the advantage of a “come one and all” system, taxed so that all who must can come, and for those to whom it is a convenience, maybe they might want to reconsider.


I hate to say this, but at some point the problem lies elsewhere.

We have to take care of our own, and we have to do it ourselves.

Is it right to put the actions of someone who has broken laws ahead of the law-abiding?

“Come one come all” cannot be sustained, unless you or God want to provide the funds and the manpower to make that happen. A nation has a right to control its borders and care for its own.

It’s not a false dichotomy to say that granting LPR status to people who have been here illegally is unfair to those who have pursued the status legally. That’s not even a proposed solution. That’s just a statement of what is right and what isn’t.


First, I don’t agree that it is justice; it is mercy.

Second, one of the problems with your solution is that it is very favorable to those who can walk here, but what about people in other areas of the world? They are left out.


That is an economic opinion that I do not agree with. I think we are seeing in the rise of China our own short-sightedness as to the value of human labor.


I will fall back to the last lesson Jesus taught Peter.

Peter turned and saw that the disciple whom Jesus loved was following them… When Peter saw him, he asked, “Lord, what about him?” Jesus answered, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me.”

A person can only respond to that which lies on his path. When Jesus visits us in the poor and needy, those are the ones to who we can respond. As to what others are called to do elsewhere, that is for God to decide.


What I’m saying is ICE doesn’t have the manpower or the funding to process “come one come all”. I’m not even talking about the national economy. I’m talking about just processing the sheer number of people who want in. Why do you think we have a waiting list as long as it is? It’s a logistical problem.

That isn’t an economic argument. It’s a flat fact.

ICE also generates its own revenue for visa and immigration processing. The cost of that is not paid by taxpayer funds. It’s paid by the fees attached to the applications. ICE gets money for facilities and GS employees (and not all ICE employees are general schedule). Not production and sustainment costs.


That depends on the processing. We process millions every year into and out prisons, jails and other institutions. What Trump pulled this week cost somewhere around $250-300 a day.

Maybe we need cheaper labor. I recommend using illegal immigrants.


My guess is you don’t know how immigration works, what’s involved, or how it’s done.

It costs money to process applications, and it takes people.

There isn’t any need to come off as trite.

This is the kind of stuff you learn by talking to immigration people who are doing the job as you’re attempting to immigrate someone here. It was a massive eye opener for me - especially about the money and where “government funding” actually comes from to process those applications. Tax dollars don’t pay their operating costs, their overhead, any of that. It all comes out of fees from applications. That’s why a visa application can be $350. It costs $350 to process it.

I think you’re conflating what I’m talking about with a bigger economic picture. I’m not talking about labor in factories. I’m talking about the people employed by ICE who process applications.


No, of course I don’t, though I do know more than most, having been actively involved in a deporting quite a few, as well as the processing into the immigration system. If I come off trite is because I sometimes wonder how we ever went to the moon or won the war in Europe. We have become an incompetent nation in so many ways.

But yes, since it does cost, I think it quite reasonable that those coming in pay for their processing from a type of guest tax. No, I do not think any solution could be taken care of in weeks, but there is no need for this country to take years to process people, except our own incompetence. If we are able to have tens of millions of illegal aliens who live here, we should be able to have have tens of millions of legal aliens. If not, then let’s quit griping an live with it.

We have already had a decades long war on drugs which we are in a continuing state of losing. It is time to be practical, not political.

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