The importance of immigration


LOL. Everyone blames everything on incompetence. Not an overloaded system, not budget cuts and manning cuts, not anything…it always comes down to, oh, it sounds so simple, therefore it should be.

It isn’t.


I do a lot. I should probably work on my tolerance.


No, blaming incompetence when it’s an accurate assessment is fair. But this isn’t incompetence on ICE’s part. It’s an overloaded system that can’t keep up.

Are you aware of how legal immigration has skyrocketed in the last 20 years?

Also - go look up what’s involved in applying for status in the US. The application is a bear and it’s STILL easier to get in here than it is pretty much everywhere else.

The system is overloaded. It’s not fair to reward those who have broken laws and it’s a slap in the face to those who are working hard to follow them.


:rofl: Oh Bernie…open borders and all that “free stuff” too! Totally sustainable…


I think thats well… illegal.


Refugees routinely apply after one year as LPRs. I’m guessing that the case is the same for asylees, but I can check up on that.


It is five years in the US for citizenship. One year to apply for LPR status. They don’t get precedence over spouses. Spouses always get first preference for citizenship.

I think I misread your post (saw citizen for LPR for some reason), and then that resulted in a misread of mine. :slight_smile:



I think we’re trying to say the same thing. I was typing my posts with screaming kids in the background, so I’m cashing in my get-out-of-Internet-jail-free card. :yum:

I was trying to articulate to @KMC is that the USCCB pushing for an easier path to residency is de facto a push for citizenship. I can’t fathom them making a case for residency and then arguing that everybody should be denied citizenship.


Basically what you’re saying is “Well, it sure LOOKS like we can’t win, so we might as well give up!”

Discouragement and demoralization. I see what you’re doing there. You’re not helping, and perhaps you never really meant to.


I am not helping that which I see as evil, but then it hardly helps the work of God in the world to say that nation comes first, before God and the Body of Christ in the world today, which I see as much more important. I never did mean to help that. This is a Catholic website. Did you really think people here would put 'Murica ahead of God, at least many of us? I do not seek demoralization, but rather conversion of heart.

But no, I am not say we quit anything but the current policy, as we should any failed policy that is not working, or any failed anything. I do not see the dichotomy of “us” and “them” as necessary. Without all our failures, I do believe it is time to try something different, that can benefit those who want to really work for this country to be great again, not just white, English-speaking, or whatever nationalistic view they have.


I see you’re pursuing me into this thread, and so fast, too. I must have struck a nerve with you back in the USCCB one, pnewton.


Anyone that knows how to scroll can see I have posted here a lot over the last 12 days.

Things like this:

January 2018 - Trump begs for compassion bipartisan legislation for immigrants under DACA and agrees to sign anything.

June 2018 - Trump start his policy of separating children from parents at the border. When the backlash results in Congress working on compromise immigration reform, he says he won’t sign anything that doesn’t take care of his various agendas.

Yesterday - Trump tells Congress to stop wasting time on immigration.


Because it might be stalling other things that are more pressing at the moment.

Congress locked up our budget - and hence the passing of the NDAA which authorizes me, my retiree dependent mother and my retiree brothers, my airmen, and all of my past and present brothers and sisters at arms to get paid. We were told our next check could be delayed. That’s not a big deal for me, but it might be for the 78 year old retiree who is doing the best he or she can to get by.

They locked it up over a spat regarding immigration, which has zero to do with the actual running of our country.

I believe that’s the problem. It’s pushing other things that we also need for basic day-to-day operation of this nation to the back burner. That’s not fair to citizens. There are days I’d love to sink the entire Congress into the Potomac, but I still depend on them to run the country for us first. And that’s what they need to do.


From what I have read, they are treating everyone at the border the same. Those who seek asylum are treated the same as those who are just try to come into the country illegally for whatever their reasons.


Yes. Separate those who feel they have a case to make for asylum from those who are just trying to enter this country illegally for other reasons.
Over the years, we allowed many Cubans to enter this country because they were trying to escape from Fidel Castro.


Those seeking asylum who do not go to a proper entry point and say they are requesting asylum are treated like all the others who enter illegally. It is not enough to request asylum after you have been caught sneaking across the border illegally.


LOL, so you seem to imply there is no such thing as prooftexting the bible, of using the wrong parable.

Just because it’s in the bible doesn’t make it universally applicable to any situation.
And the parable was about salvation.


Sure there is. However, such a claim requires more than labeling it as such.

Yes, the parable is about salvation. It may well be there will be people in Hell for choosing country over God, as there is with anything we place before our obligation to God. No one here can discern the culpability of another, so in that since, the parable does not apply to all circumstances. The question that must be asked is one that each must ask himself, that is, whether it is justice one seeks, or prosperity, nationalism, even legalism (because it is the law for its own sake).

So when I see, “It’s the law,” I see the Pharisee. When I see the argument that we must keep America great, I see idolatry. The strongest argument is that from justice, as mercy without justice is license and equally disordered as justice without mercy. However, then the question comes, if our immigration policy is about justice, why do we have children in fenced pens?

I am really not deceived by the misdirection about children of people who have committed crimes. We do not do the same thing to those children. Most of the time at the same level of crime as unlawful entry, arrests are not made. When arrests are made, the children are not carted off to kiddie prison. If circumstances necessitate the arrest of a parent with a child, CPS will place the child with a relative, and if none is available, a temporary foster parent, even for the night. In this country we understand the need to take care of children, at least those children in whom we deem worthy of humanity.


Isn’t there an effort to house these children with relatives who are already in the US?


Almost 2000 children were detained in 2 months. They were placed with organizations which had been vetted and contracted by the government to care for the children. The youngest were sent to special facilities for very little children.

Do you think we could have recruited, vetted, and trained enough foster parents to care for all these children in that amount of time? Should those caring for the children be able to communicate with the children?–in which case, add in the additional factor of being able to speak Spanish and think about how many foster parents we could have managed.

A few months ago, Someone I know applied to work with children in the diocese. It took 3 months to vet her.

It does seem awful to have what seem like cages for the children, but it helps a lot with security. Predation and/or physical bullying is not limited to adults.

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