The importance of immigration


It’s still a fallacious argument.


I never said you needed to take immigrants in in order to be for immigration.


That’s a Govt responsibility, not personal.


What is Bernie Sanders a member of?


Bernie will have the Fed print some more paper, and convert abandoned shopping and industrial buildings into more family reunification centers. This creates lots of jobs too, since such places usually have a staffing ratio of 3-4 ‘residents’ per staff on duty.

Thus his pool house can remain his sanctuary.


"The real problem with immigrants in general is that a lot of people who come here really don’t have means of support once they arrive- or even skills that are needed in our economy so they can be self supporting."

This is not entirely true. Have you gone around Silicone Valley? Highly educated, technical folks are immigrants. Have you stepped in hospitals lately? Look around and try to count how many nurses are immigrants. What about teachers? Doctors? I can name a profession and I guarantee you it is highly likely that immigrants are in that profession.

I speak for a specific demographic of immigrants. In our culture, the minimum requirement and expectation in families is bachelor’s degree/four year degree. I have not even heard of the concept of two year degrees until I went here in the US.

Nowadays, immigrant including vetted ones are seen as a problem by uneducated American born folks. Damn if we do. Damn if we don’t. If we get good jobs because of our own merit, we’re stealing jobs. If an immigrant is struggling and is requesting for government assistance, we’re leeching off funds of (US born, white) Americans. We can’t do anything right for these MAGA people.


Nobody said that all immigrants who come here lack ability to support themselves.

IMHO, that problem would be primarily with refugees and illegal immigrants, not legal non-refugee immigrants. But this is why we have arranged support for legal refugees.


Maybe not explicitly here in the CA forum, but the overall climate is disconcerting for anyone who is not blue eyed blonde with a nice American accent. Can’t help but be defensive when people of the same race/nationality as I - - WHO WERE ACTUALLY BORN HERE are being told to “Go home!”.


Yes, there is a bit of a backlash against all the illegal immigration that the Obama admin enabled.


I get there is backlash on illegal immigration, but even LEGAL, vetted, tax paying, immigrants like myself are being attacked and unfairly judged.

I’m against illegal immigration - - but frankly, I’d rather welcome an illegal who is making some bucks immigrant washing my car over an American born tweaker screaming at me with his signage asking for cash for beer.


Have you looked into his finances? He is anything but a fat cat.


Depends on your definition of a “fat cat”, he makes more than a million a year and owns 3 homes.

He definitely isn’t poor.


He is one of the least wealthy members of the Senate, although last year he did make about $850,000 off of book royalties. One or two big years don’t make you rich. His net worth is about $800,000. Most middle class people at his age are worth quite a bit more than that.


I think if we control illegal immigration, the backlash against all apparent immigrants will dissipate. It would also make room for people to support legit refugees that really do need community support.

How we manage tweakers and homeless is probably a thread by itself. I hope the tight jobs market provides some relief there though.


He owns 3 houses, made $850K from book royalties and $174K from his Senate salary-- over $1M in one year-- and is only worth $$800K?

Maybe we dodged a bullet there…


Which is a little like saying he’s the poorest Kennedy or Rockefeller.


That 1 year was an anomaly for him. It came from book sales. That sort of thing happens when you run for president. $174k a year is far from being wealthy. Bernie owns two homes, not three, according to his Senate finance disclosure form, and his net worth is around $500,000 to $700,000, roughly equivalent to what Trump probably spends on his ponderous hairdo in a year. Anyway, that is less than most people his age have in their IRA or 401K. Also, if he were to be wealthy, that really doesn’t disqualify a person from being a champion of the needs of the working class. The needs of the working class and the poor are the cornerstone of everything he has done in his lifetime. He was raised a very poor child in Brooklyn. He remembers his father constantly worrying about losing his job and worrying about money matters. He has the background to know what life is like on the bottom, and I can’t name a single public official who has spent more of his or her time working for the needs of common people.

There are a lot of self-serving fat cats in Washington, yes. But let’s check people out first before we paint them all with the same broad brush. BTW, while I was typing this, I looked it up. Trump spends $120,000 a year on his hairdo. More than Bernie’s take home pay from the Senate. That’s what a fat cat looks like. Let’s not get them confused.


Well, he’s got a terrific pension coming along, so his low net worth won’t be much of a problem.

I actually voted for him in the primaries, because as a registered independent, I could vote in either primary. I knew that the Rs in my state would all go one way, so I voted for the D that I would prefer to have if the Ds won the election.

As usual, “my guy” didn’t make it, but I thought it was plucky of him to try!


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