The importance of immigration


We have huge numbers of people here who are not working, and yet we have to bring in immigrants to do the work?

Used to be that working construction or manufacturing was a good job which would allow a man to support a family. Men wanted those types of jobs. They did not want to work at Wal-Mart, MacDonald’s, or a gas station long-term.

Many women do not have the physical abilities to do some of those jobs, but they could do other, lighter tasks which, being safer as a general rule, involved less pay.

We seem to have had a cultural push that blue collar work is beneath us. Everyone has to go to college and get a white collar job afterwards. Our expectations have been raised so much that there are many who weren’t able to go the college route simply gave up and don’t work at all.

There are problems in our society that are simply masked by immigration.

I have no problem with changing the laws to allow more legal immigrants in (if they don’t discriminate based on systemic problems such as the UN refugee system) but I also think we need to consider why there are many people in the U S who are not working when they could be.


The reason I think there is a crisis of Oxycodone is the fact that it was introduced as a mono therapy in the 1990’s.

Before Oxycontin was put on the market, patients could take Percocet, which were a combination of oxycodone and tylenol. The thing was that this really limited the dosage that patients could take. That was because of the tylenol, which is toxic to the liver at dosages not far above the therapeutic dose.

If someone was abusing Percocet , taking multiple pills frequently, their liver wouldn’t be able to take it for long. Oxycodone by itself is less toxic to the liver, and allows abusers to get into a lot more trouble with addiction.



If something is a duck, it’s a duck.

That’s pretty empirical. Don’t be ridiculous.


Motrin and Tylenol actually correct the source of the pain, as do other NSAIDS (Tylenol is an antipyretic/anti-prostaglandin, but Naproxen, Motrin, and many others are non-steroidal anti-inflammatories). Narcs just block pain receptors, which don’t fix the problem - they just make you unaware it exists.

No, NSAIDS don’t always work. But they’re far more effective than people think.

As is Tylenol - but Tylenol only works for specific pain: fever, bone pain, and headache. These are the occasions when we produce prostaglandins as part of the inflammation cascade. Tylenol blocks prostaglandin formation, which is why it won’t do a thing for muscular pain.


There are visas for farm workers.

There are migrant visas - thousands are issued every year by the US. That’s a real thing.


My AP story a couple posts up references the Govt increasing the number of seasonal visas. As we see a shift towards legal hires, I would expect further expansions in the various seasonal visa programs. But it should be done under pressure. We need employers to put the effort into hiring legal citizens as priority, even if they must pay a higher wage and the employee isn’t quite as productive as a motivated illegal.

The constant supply of illegals only serves to defeat market forces for unskilled labor.


Ah, very interesting, esp that opioid just mask the pain and NSAIDs actually do something about it, I imagine if it’s the right sort of pain. But NSAIDs create their own problems as well. Stomach and thin blood.


Again, the problem with Americans thinking they need to do white collar work, but also that the need, Altho seasonal, does not march up with school schedules and those in college needing to do internships during the summer nowadays.


To some extent, employers will also need to adapt to their labor supply. They have a mix of full time employees and seasonal hires, they will schedule their jobs accordingly. That’s how it worked when I grew up.

Teens who need the cash will take the landscaping work over unpaid ‘internships’ In most cases you don’t do internships every summer, just close to graduation.

I expect the cost of landscaping will also rise, but what’s wrong with that when it gets our least skilled and most employment challenged participating in the labor force.


Things aren’t perfect, but we’re doing historically well.

Don’t forget NAFTA and all of the factories going abroad. McDonald’s and Walmart are often the only option when your local steel mill slams it doors closed.


You’ll notice that I said they’re not always the first line choice.

Problems erupt when people overuse NSAIDS (and not all NSAIDS “thin blood” to dangerous points, which is a misnomer - what they actually do is inhibit platelet action, and not all of them do it to the same degree; the biggest offenders are the OTCs and COX-2 inhibitors, like Celebrex).

Opioids do far more damage than appropriately monitored NSAIDs. An NSAID can be titrated, and there are multiple classes of NSAIDS. They’re also not addictive. You don’t have people selling or jonesing for their meloxicam.

What we struggle with treating are nerve and severe bone pain. Muscular pain is far more easily treated.


Wow! That’s even better than calling everyone who doesn’t like open borders Nazis; or calling everyone who voted for Trump racist! Way to really up the rhetoric to shut down dissent.

For the record, open borders do not imply unsecured borders. Quite the opposite is true. Open borders would make coming here legally much easier to monitor. Those who cross the border illegally go through no security check point.

But I will not call you a Satanist or a Nazi for your position.


My aging joints agree. My years of Nintendo are catching up with me.


Try weed if it’s legal where you are.


LOL. Not only is it not legal, but even if went to where it was, it’s use results in automatic discharge. I hope it becomes available before I break down too far.

But this brings an interesting point. I wonder what the effect of legalization so far has done on trafficking across the border.


The tax on legal cannabis is quite high, I’m sure that its all good news for the drug traffickers.


We need years of low unemployment if you really want to help African Americans get out of persistent poverty


Just African-Americans?


In America, African Americans have had the worst, longest standing problem with unemployment and poverty. Many of the inner cities are wrecks.

Not saying other people don’t have problems too, but focusing in on the Ghetto would seem essential.

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