The importance of immigration


I hail from an area whose African-American inhabitants you could count on one hand. There’s also a lot of poverty there among, for example, the Native Americans. Systemic racism has definitely and unjustly made African-Americans disproportionately poor. I’d also hope that anti-poverty programs would target everyone who needs them.


No, it will help all groups that have seemed consistently stuck in a poverty cycle.
Since this is a forum, can’t write a thesis answer for every response.

Are you implying you are willing to help others, but not African Americans?



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Quite a few people fell for that fake news,
and are believing Trump is changing things for the worse rather than just following the standard policy already in place. NYT is perpetuating it by mislabeling the owner of the policy.


What is fake? I saw pictures on one of the news channels (I do not know which one) of a large, open building full of Hispanic children. Here is Sanders saying that they are doing this.

Somehow she blames Democrats. I am amazed there is any support with such a lack of critical thinking and contradictory logic used by the current administration. Then, of course, there is the cruelty they are committing.



From your article:

The Trump administration does in fact have a new policy of prosecuting all undocumented border crossers, which involves separating parents from their children.

This is the part that is the problem. How “liberals” got hold of this story, and that there are some parts of it that may be myth, do not make the story fake.

FYI - Just like one should never take a source too seriously that uses names like alt-right too seriously, “liberal” is one of those keys that the writer is not objective.


So being inconsistent about enforcement was preferred by you ? ? ? ? ?

I find consistency much better

And I noticed you skipped over all the evidence of fake news, to find a kernel of truth.


There are few evils more despicable to me. As someone who has not admired the president, I have still hoped for the best from him. However, this I despise. I cannot comment on this specific law, or why it was made, but if the President had knew anything about law enforcement, or would ever listen to anyone with morals and knowledge, he would understand that law enforcement is discretionary by its nature, at least most of it is. Pretty much all non-criminal (as this is) law enforcement is discretionary.

I went to the only issue that I have commented on. That is the truth that matters to me.


Goo Bernie!! Heard he’s running for President in 2020. Definitely getting my vote! Too tired of all the racism going on in this country. As a Hispanic, let my people goo!! I bet even Jesus and the Pope would vote for him if they could!!! :))


Goodness gracious! Say it aint so, Joe. It was already looking like I might have to vote Democrat for the first time in my life (assuming the Republicans don’t act against Trump).


No political party is perfect. In my opinion Bernie isn’t even a Democrat. He only switched over last election. As an independent he’d have no chance.


In Ontario, the Liberals got decimated in the election last week because many socially conservative immigrants got behind the Conservatives because they weren’t pleased with the Liberal’s radical sex ‘education’ curriculum that was crafted by a convicted pedophile. When you show a bit of compassion, the right will have immigrants rushing to them.


Mass in Recognition of All Immigrants at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
by Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Sun, June 24, 2018

3:30 PM – 5:30 PM PDT


So what is your response to someone arrested on illegal immigration charges (not asylum applicants)

Do we lock the kids up with the parent, or is the kid a get out of jail free card?

Personally I’m against catch and release for people entering illegally.

And it was still disingenuous of you to ignore that I showed you where the fake news was, I posted the article because you said there was no fake news. Integrity matters.


I am not against it. We already do this for pretty much all other non-criminal enforcement (which again, this is) and even a lot of criminal enforcement. I a person is stopped with a non-felony warrant, with children, and no way to call family to take the children, release is always an option, one that is always taken for minor misdemeanor warrants.

I did not ignore it. I said it is irrelevant. The part I object to was not denied. There is no break down on integrity by me saying the same thing three times, yet you ignore that. The source of a leak does not make what was leaked fake. I do not care how the story came out, what Obama did, how long the law was on the books, or anything else that the article addresses. I only care that the President is one of the insensitive men to ever rule this country. He is cruel. It is no surprise he can be friends with Kim Jung Un.


I think its different if you have folks with attachment to the community, like yourself.

The record of aliens actually showing up for their deportation hearings is pretty weak. So this is what we have.


We are a sovereign nation and are under no obligation to accept foreigners into this land.


Well thank God the Kingdom of heaven is not like that. :))

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