The importance of Mary and Vocations


I’m sure many of you know this but our mother Mary is a great person when it comes vocations, many vocations to the religious life and the priestly life come from a devotion to our mother.

anyway this post is kinda a personal story but I leave out many specific details for obvious reason.

anyway I just got back from adoration, it was a guided holy hour I guess you could say. Anyway I brought my bible to it and my book to save a thousand souls. I start out by reading Jeremiah 1:1-10 it has meant alot of things personally for me as of late, but it doesn’t have to do with the story. Anyway I read that then I read sat down to read my book, I wasn’t really sure what I was going to read so I do what some Catholics I know do sometimes, they take their bible and open it to a random page and read what is on it. So I do this with to save a thousand souls, the first time I open it to a insignificant page, then I say ill open it again and of all places I open it to this. First page of chapter 11 The blessed virgin mary and discernment fears. I read this story

I remember waking up in the recovery room from the anesthesia after the surugy. As soon as I opened my eyes, I felt the presence ofa great eveil. It felt like Sata was all over me. He was on top of me, suffocating me, trying to take me way. I have never felt more fear in my entire life. Terrified I cried out “Mary, help me” Satan immediatly departed and I felt great peace and security. I began to pray “thank you Mary. Thank you Blessed Mother. thank you.” and then I fell back into sleep, but I will never forget that experince

cool story, and then the preist who is doing adoration gets up to give a talk, talks about our crosses and such, then he gets to talking about Mary and how important he was in Christ life. Pretty nice talk, really what I needed in that moment.

anyway I noticed how much importance Mary has in our vocations, when we struggle when we have joyful moments and everything. Mary is one of the best people to help you along your vocation discernment. Many priest I think give roses to Mary at their first Mass, by putting roses at the foot of Christ. Many priest I know have an amazing devotion to our blessed mother.

I’ve been forgetting how much importance Mary can have in our life.

thought I just share.


Later in that chapter he discusses how she helped Fr. Brannen figure out that his vocation was to diocesan priesthood. Fr. Brannen thought that it was anything but diocesan; however, after praying a rosary and devoting himself solely to the Blessed Virgin, she revealed to him his true vocation. Our Blessed Mother has all the connections! :smiley:


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