The importance of silence in Christianity




This book is on my to-read list


I was listening to a Father Ripperger teaching - and out of the blue - he says
" Men who are always talking and gossiping are effeminate "
I laughed - but it’s so true -
I’ve noticed that A LOT of people - equate talking - with intelligence -
Silence - is so much more holier !


Ecclesiastes 3:7

a time to be silent, and a time to speak.

Silence is fine sometimes. Speaking is also fine sometimes.
We can choose what works for us. I don’t see one as particularly more awesome than the other.


I have ordered mine @0Scarlett_nidiyilii .

It should arrive tomorrow .


I don’t know about holier , @Seagull .

But lack of silence , noise , is one of the greatest pollutants of our age in Western societies .

Pope Francis has also spoken on the subject several times .


With our parish’s subscription to, I’ve gotten the Ignatius e-book for free.

Cardinal Sarah is one of the few shining lights in the Curia these days. That book (along with God or Nothing) is a must-read in this age of confusion. It’s best read in chunks and digested slowly.

I pray he one day gets the Chair, so to speak, and pardon the phrasing.


Guess I better not say my Rosary too loud before Mass then. Vatican’s own Manual of Indulgences specifically says I must “recite” it in the Church to get the indulgence, even to the point of providing a paragraph discussing alternatives for people who are mute.

I try to sit far away from everybody and recite very quietly.


The priest at the close parish I visited on the 3rf day of Easter made it a point during his homily that prayers are best read (because the devil.will mix the words in our heads before we know it) and read out loud (so.the devil.can hear it and not escape from it).
This being said I see a much stronger effort to mentally read prayers. I know it is possible and many times more.difficult than out loud. I know I made myself a rule by myself which is bad. But I feel a strong urge to aim at doing it? Does the urge come from the devil (serious question here no sarcasm)?


No, you can get an indulgence for mental prayer too. Just not a plenary one.
Church wouldn’t give an indulgence if mental prayer was bad.


The current Protestant Church I attend (not of my own choice, mind you) plays contemporary Christian music loudly before every Sunday service. The real hipstery stuff too, bunch of vocalizing and men in skinny jeans and stuff. It isn’t very good. And before the actual service begins is announcements, where it basically turns into stand-up, and even then people are bantering and playing off each other into worship. Incredibly distracting.
I don’t mean to just bash on my church, but if you’re in a parish where quiet is valued: relish it!!


Does “stand-up” mean what I am afraid it might mean: “stand-up comedy”?

And what does “playing off each other” mean?


“Recite” here includes moving the lips in a whisper or even without a sound. In this case, it “counts”.


It means exactly what you think it means. And by “playing off each other,” I mean continuing to banter and play around and just generally be a distraction as worship goes on. Of course, this is only prolonged by the “stand and hug your neighbor” part. It seems to quiet down as the sermon starts.


I cannot deny that I have had similar thoughts. Vain men.

Many of the threads here at CAF qualify as gossip in the strict sense. “Cardinal this” or “Father that” are gossip! Easier than prayer, though.

I recall:

Matthew 12:36-37
I tell you, on the day of judgment men will render account for every careless word they utter; for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”

That is intended to scare hell out of us.


Yeah, I whisper. I’m being vewwy, vewwy quiet. I’m still not being “silent”.

It’s very uncomfortable and unnatural to simply mouth words with absolutely no sound coming out. I don’t think I could keep that up for a whole rosary.


Silence is absolutely necessary to develop an interior life - a life of prayer-communion with God, a life of “pray always” as Paul wrote. Many people have a life entirely external to themselves - always watching something or some one, always talking or always in front of a TV or smart phone or music source of some kind - anything to fill the mind with something beside the dreaded silence. But only in silence can we be attentive to the quiet movements of the Spirit, when He may be leaning us toward or away from this of that, or convicting us or convincing us of things we ought to hear, and know.


I sympathize. I love to pray the Divine Office in a church, but when it’s quiet, voices carry. The Office needs to be said vocally, even with with just the lips moving but I don’t like that either.

That’s why most cases, I use a park or a garden, if I’m away from home.


Thank you for that. I’m away from protestantism for so long, I’ve forgotten what it can be like.

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