The Imposition of Values


It was brought up on another forum, the issue of the placement of ones values on another. On wheather it was right to say that an item being right or wrong and to ply it to someone who does not share these values. While one side say that God gave free will and that the henderance of that gift in a manner that the receipiant feels inclined to do would be a grave injustice to that gift in which God has given them. The other Side, to which I belong, states that while the gift is self evident that still Gods laws are to be followed regardless and that one must impose such values for the benifet of the indivdual and the whole of soceity, on any level (i.e. Just because one has free will and an inclination to have an abortion does not nessesacrily grant that one should permit such an act and preventitive measures should be taken to see to it that such a act is not taken against the fetus).I was wondering what the Catholic Churches Postition on this is and what would be the proper defense thereof? Thanks for the help and God bless.


Just change the subject to murder.

Some groups believe it is alright to murder your sister/daughter because she somehow embarrassed the family.

So, by us outlawing murder, we are imposing our moral values on another.

It is still as ridiculous as the other topics that secular people bring up.


mjdonnelly said it straight out and direct.

I personally do not think it is wrong to take your car. It is wrong for you to impose your values (that taking your car is theft) upon me and want me locked up.

What about paying for that hambuger at Wendy’s. Or sending you children to school, paying taxes, not littering. Why does someone need to get an electrical permit, stop at STOP Signs, or slow down in school zones. An this whole not drinking and driving stuff really bugs me, how personal is that, my drinking, my driving?

Societies have always regulated ‘morality.’ It is what society does. We need to decide what kind of society we desire and work to make it thus. This because as society has always regulated, there are those who fight society, who have a different view of what is just and good.

As for what the Church teaches…She, the Church, has rules and regulations, God given and authorized to do so (binding and loosing). At least I would have to say that is what it looks like from here. The Church also lobbies for justice to the secular authorities. The Church recognizes that secular authorities have a responsibilty to their citizenry; as cited in various places in the Catechism.


[quote=YADA]The Church recognizes that secular authorities have a responsibilty to their citizenry; as cited in various places in the Catechism.

Yes, and wouldn’t it be nice if the secular authorities would start acting that way…


A political scientist named David Easton gave the most succinct definition of politics that I have ever read. Easton said, “Politics is the authoritative allocation of values.” Nothing could be more true. All of the outcomes of the political process are value laden. The word “values” is in my opinion the secular word for “morality.” Nobody likes the word morality because it makes them think about God and He gets in the way of dumming down moral choices.

Anyone that believes that we do not or should not legislate morality is ignorant, immoral, or stupid. Everytime I get into one of these discussions with someone of the other persuasion, I simply want to start knocking on their noggin and yell, “Hello McFly!” Unfortunately, modernism and relativism are running amok, and many people have bought into them.


Moral relativism as regards abortion

I have heard this an an Euthanasia Debate “Who are you to impose your values and morals on the rest of us?” It used to be “…on everyone else?” but I think someone wanted the lines to sound more clearly drawn.

People who do this totally refuse to see that in imposing moral relativism (also known as Political Correctness and cultural marxism) on society they are imposing their morals and values on us. :twocents:


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