The Indignity of Death and the Culture of Suicicde

It has been very clear from the first report of the young woman public ally declaring the dare she planned her self-made that all the secular media were enthusiastically in support of the intended crime. The infotainment industry ducks in all acts of destruction and degradation and death to celebrate it’s despair. The journalists flee truth because they flee God and they leave themselves like the dammed souls in Dante ’ s Inferno like leaves being blown as if by a tempest to Hell.
Today it was reported that the young woman may not commit the self - murder on the original date. Perhaps this is a grace given with the intervention from those who hold to the Gospel of Life, with its complete rejection of despair and the corrupt infatuation with extermination and ruin.
We know that death has been done to death and we are called to the Life that extends towards us from the boundary, but we are never to seek it death, much less treat it as a good or as if in doing so we were affirming, rather than spitting on, human dignity.

well said.

I agree with all, except the rather broad brushed claim that “all secular media” were enthusiastically supporting her. Not every secular media story or commentary I saw indicated support for her plan.

The lesson for all is that degeneration and eventual death is completely compatible with true human dignity. It’s hard on PRIDE to be sure. This young woman appears to have recognized that her dignity and worth as a human being has not been eradicated by her disease and suffering.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s beginning to dawn on her that dignity and pride aren’t the same thing after all…

I dare anybody to say that John Paul II lacked dignity in the last year of his life!

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