The Innocence of Children 😊

Just to give everyone a smile on this day :heart:


A child once asked Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, who was 6’4" or 193 cm tall, “Are you the high priest?”


That is too precious

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Thank you…We needed that!

This exact same thing happened last night at Vigil Mass! A little girl went up with her dad to get a blessing from the priest during Communion, and as our priest held his hand out over her, she did the exact same thing. Father was laughing and trying to keep it together, but he failed and laughed quite a bit… It was cute to see.


Yeah, but the mother in that video didn’t look like she thought it was very funny.

When my daughter was very little she would put off doing chores with arguments as to why she couldn’t do them. My usual response was to tell her to just get them done and don’t argue. Once in exasperation she answered me back with a stomp of her foot and said “Don’t arg me!” How do you keep a straight face with that toddler logic?!

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I used to try to put off my bath time by arguing, “But, I’m so dry!” Watching their little minds trying to be logical before they actually are is so cute! My daughter and I went round and round with cleaning her room…It’s my room…It’s in my house…but, it’s my room…ad nauseum.


Oh so true and what is even funnier to me is that my daughter is now a mother of a daughter who also has a mind of her own and the confidence in herself to express it!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:
I sent my daughter this saying that sums it all up. What goes around comes around!!

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