The Internet and Satan's Game


Bishop Barron apparently wrote this a week ago, but I just today saw it in the Oregon Catholic Sentinel. It’s an eloquently worded reminder about how to behave as Catholics on the Internet, both on CAF and elsewhere.

I need to post these words of wisdom on my monitor. :heart_eyes:

When you’re about to make a comment, ask yourself a very simple question: “Am I doing this out of love, out of a sincere wish for the good of the person or persons I’m addressing?” If not, shut up. If it becomes clear that your comment is simply spleen-venting, scapegoating, or virtue-signalling, shut up. The internet can be a marvelous tool, and it can be a weapon used for Satanic purposes.


Great topic. While I normally am a big fan of Bishop Robert Baron’s teaching, I’d approach Internet etiquette with some observations and a few references for guidance.

Internet forums are mainly anonymous. Even social media can be a buffer against genuine human interaction. Therefore, it is necessary to be mindful of this fact and to be careful with our words. “The tongue is a small member, but has great pretensions.” -Bible

In a time when there are many voices, but little regard for authority, it is important more than ever to speak the truth, as my pastor said, “with charity and clarity.” It’s good to defend the faith, but that doesn’t mean every time we have a thought or feeling it will be well-received or relevant. Without humility there’s no virtue. “Learn from me for I am meek and humble of heart.” -Our Lord

Always be mindful of yourself, and your God who doesn’t ignore any “careless word” (Bible) of ours. Use tact always. Win over the person, even if it means losing the argument (without compromising truth). Take a break from the Internet once in a while. Delete something that isn’t true, necessary, and charitable/helpful.

Otherwise, enjoy your free speech rights! It’s America. Get used to it. :slight_smile:

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