The Interview: US cinemas 'to screen' Sony film on Christmas Day


A number of US cinemas have said they will screen Sony film The Interview on Christmas Day.

The move comes just a week after the film company cancelled the release of the movie after suffering a devastating cyber attack.

Sony are expected to announce plans for a limited release of the film, a comedy about a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.


This is sad. A purported comedy that includes laughing at someone’s death. And on Christmas Day yet.


It’s not a real death… Its fiction, therefore there is no soul to feel sorry for. Other than simply being ‘bad-practice’, there is no sin involved.


I believe in freedom of speech. It is a work of fiction as another poster said.
It will be interesting to see how attendance is and what the reviews are.
If the reviews are bad Sony might wish they would have left it in the can.


The cynic in me wonders if this was all hype from Sony to gin up interest in a bad comedy movie.


I thought that too for a minute, but then i realized that if Sony lied to the police and gov. About having their identities stolen, etc., then they would probably be in big trouble. I dont think they would be so foolish when ot comes to the seriousness of foreign terrorism.


I don’t think so. I believe the cybervandalism as Obama called it really happened and I think the threats scared the owners of the theatres who don’t want to be responsible for theatre goers being hurt.
But when they saw the response some changed their minds.


I didn’t say it was a sin, just that it was a sad commentary on our society today that the (however fictional) character is assassinated in an attempt to be funny and that our society would laugh at that.


But it is not funny what the citizens of North Korea have to endure.


**It’s official: ‘The Interview’ will be available to rent or buy online starting at 1pm ET today **

Google statement on online release of ‘The Interview’



It sounds like “The Great Dictator”, the Charlie Chaplin movie that satirized Adolph Hitler had a “bomb plot” in it, I haven’t really seen the movie, maybe it is on youtube. So to me in parts, this sounds like an updated version and the producers may have taken from that older movie.

Speaking of which, this movie like so many modern comedies may have rank comedy and may be a “bomb” in itself.

Comedies are hard to judge but quite a few are enjoyable including a lot of the old slapstick kind from long ago in black and white.


Don’t worry too much about this one. It wouldn’t be my choice but under the weird circumstances I would support defending it. There was a funny movie some time ago called “Throw Momma from the Train” starring Danny DeVito - it wasn’t sad commentary on our society really (maybe a little) :wink:


North Korea’s only victory in recent years was over a movie made by a stoner :smiley: (and it was a short-lived one at that).


One big difference may be that Danny DeVito can be quite funny and Seth Rogen…well…not so much.


Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill are both overrated in my humble opinion.
However, I am wondering how the chemistry of Rogen and Franco will be. The movie could have possibilities or it could be the bomb of the year.


It depends on how he gets assasinated though. That will surely be the deciding factor on whether its funny or not. Im willing to bet there will be some outrageous humiliation factor involved. I have a feeling nothing will be going his way that day. :smiley:


The U.S. Media, film distributors, and concerned citizens didn’t seem to have any problems with their attempts to censor Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ when its release was announced.

20th Century Fox refused to distribute the film because of the protests outside the News Corporation building and even a government official, a New York Assemblyman, didn’t want Passion of the Christ distributed at all to any movie theater.

Other critics criticized the violence portrayed in the film.

:confused: . . .:wink: . . .:smiley:


As far as I’m concerned, the whole cyber attack, and subsequent media hoopla over it, was a brilliant bit of marketing for what is likely a very mediocre film. They even suckered the President of the US into giving them free advertising. :thumbsup:

Anyone who now goes to see the movie is a gullible sap, in my ever so humble opinion. :cool:


Hey, i saw the movie. :shrug:


What did you think of it?

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