The invention of lying

Has anyone seen this movie? I know the movie is from an atheist perspective.
But i found the scene Where he was explaining God to be very funny

I’m not an easily offended catholic.

I love me some Harry Potter. I love Tokyo Babylon. I even enjoyed the Golden Compass trilogy as a child because I thought it was all just a fantasy and didn’t catch the religion. I don’t mind atheism in movies. I don’t mind a movie containing premarital sex, cohabitating, homosexuals, I don’t mind non-gratuitous language and violence.

But this movie? I wanted to shut it off halfway through. I NEVER get offended by movies, EVER. But this one, I never want to see again.

overall I didn’t think the movie was that good anyway. But I wasn’t offended by anything, either. The scene where he was explaining God was hilarious.
“He was the one who saved me when my boat capsized!?” “Yeah” “Wait…was he the one who capsized my boat?” “…eh…yeah…”

I found it so easy to dismiss on philosophical grounds the “new atheism” philosophy of Ricky Gervais that he somewhat clumsily inserts into the movie halfway through that it didn’t trouble me. Apart from that, I found it a somewhat interesting though very gloomy movie. Not terribly funny and definitely not life-affirming, though clearly it was trying to be at the end. Interestingly the hopelessness of the atheist message undercut whatever was meant to be life-affirming or carefree about it.

Tokyo Babylon? Isn’t that Ryu Murakami? He’s really decadent.

When the film started, I was pretyt entertained. It looked prety light hearted, and I laughed. But as soon as it started doing the religion thing, I just looked over at my friend, and we kinda had the same thought at the same time.


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