The Inverted Cross


Question for everybody: does the Pope actually have some kind of advisors who are setting up the stage background of the place where he`s gonna talk from or something like that? For example that picture of him sitting on the chair with the inverted cross? Doesnt he have somebody who says, “listen maybe we shouldnt use this chair just not to give any more material to people who are gonna say the pope is the antichrist etc. etc!”?


Didn’t Jerry Fallwell have advisers who told him that people would think he was cukoo for calling Tinkywinky the purple Teletubby gay?

There are people who criticise the Pope no matter what he does or doesn’t do. And I’d be willing to bet that that picture didn’t sway anyone who didn’t already think he was the Antichrist.

Take the recent trip to Turkey where Benedict prayed at a mosque. By praying there he offended some Christians, by not praying he’d have offended Muslims and possibly contributed to Christian deaths - can’t win either way, poor guy. I’d not want his job for quids.



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May God’s Grace open your heart to the truth.

Good Read on Symbolism;

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