The "invisible heart" of the marketplace

I just finished reading a great book that may be of interest to those of us who have engaged in discussions of capitalism and morality. It’s The Invisible Heart: An Economic Romance. The author is Russell Roberts, an economist who teaches at George Mason University.

The book is set up as a novel telling the story of two young private-school teachers, an economist (male) and an English teacher (female). In the process of getting to know each other, they engage in a series of spirited dialogues in which the economist defends his pro-capitalism views against the counterarguments of the English teacher.

I thought it was very well done, given Prof. Roberts’s goal of getting the reader to think about capitalism in a different way. It moves along briskly, and I even became emotionally involved with the plot and characters.

George Mason University is the “intellectual home” of Walter Williams.

Here is Russell Robert’s Web page:

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