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ink for a bit; is there something that you have that you would brave sharks, volcanoes, and foaming-at-the-mouth politicians to save? For some it would be your Ipod, for some your laptop, others your facebook page is your God, and even some others your God is your cameral mocha cappuccino. When was it when In God We Trust became in whatever happened to be hot nowadays We Trust. Our Lord Jesus Christ told us in the book of the Psalms
Psalm 146
The LORD an Abundant Helper.
Praise the LORD!
Praise the LORD, O my soul!
I will praise the LORD while I live;
I will sing praises to my God while I have my being.
Do not trust in princes,
In mortal man, in whom there is no salvation.
His spirit departs, he returns to the earth;
In that very day his thoughts perish.
How blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob,
Whose hope is in the LORD his God,
Who made heaven and earth,
The sea and all that is in them;
Who keeps faith forever;
Who executes justice for the oppressed;
Who gives food to the hungry
The LORD sets the prisoners free.
The LORD opens the eyes of the blind;
The LORD raises up those who are bowed down;
The LORD loves the righteous;
The LORD protects the strangers;
He supports the fatherless and the widow,
But He thwarts the way of the wicked.
The LORD will reign forever,
Your God, O Zion, to all generations.
Praise the LORD!
Praise God indeed! Praise him now and forever, because when you think about it. Will a Laptop love you, and I don’t mean that soppy, Lifetime television for women love that people think love is all about. I mean completely and without doubt Love that god gives us. People will say that we are sinners that we must earn the love of our lord. That couldn’t be more wrong, Our Lord loves us without any human limit but you know there is such a thing as tough love. When we fail him (and as humans we do all the time) he has to show us the error of our ways it may take days, months, even years before it happened, but he is a patient and loving god. So go out and fish my brothers and sisters go and remember while Heroes rocks people’s socks off, it doesn’t save everybody.
Peace and blessing


I don’t own anything - it all belongs to God.


As do I but all that means is that its up to us to shepherd our brothers and sisters who are still lost on the way to the right path
peace and blessings


I unsterstand what you are trying to say but you always have to remember we are not the judge and jury of anybody but ourselves. GOD will judge everybody for what they do, and I have to remind myself of that daily. to many people complain about things they see wrong in the world, and then do nothing about it. GOD gave us prayer for that reason. GOD is power absolute, and prayer is absolute power. with prayer we have everything, and without prayer we have absolutely nothing. It’s ok to feel bad for people if they don’t understand, but you have to let the anger go, because that isn’t doing GOD’S work. that is another thing that I constantly remind myself of. The devil wants us and all of GOD’S creation dead and has nothing but hate and despise for all of us, but also be careful how you deal with him because he can outsmart any of us. we are all on this spiritual faith journey together & GOD wants us all to help eachother out no matter what. I have heard a couple of priests say lately that we are third. put GOD first, other people in your life second, and yourself third. personally I have given up on all radio except relevant radio, because listening to the rest of the world’s views just makes me angry, and I know that is not doing GOD’S work. I hope that helps and may GOD bless you & all of us and have mercy on the world.


You’re quite insightful but you re not quite right because although It is right we should not judge anyone because that is gods work but he also told us to go out and fish to go tell the world of our lords majesty and might so do not think for a minute that I am patronizing anyone but one of Satan’s greatest works is that we should never say anything wrong about people and that Satan’s work political correctness is so wrong so If you take what I said as judging then gods peace be with you but my ministry as a priest will be spreading the word of god, if people take it bad then so be it but as long as that seed is planted then I am happy
peace and blessing


How you present something will be the difference between spreading the Faith and turning people from Truth.

I own nothing. It all belongs to God.

To somehow think this does not speak to people about the right attitude towards ‘stuff’ is, in my opinion, incorrect. You would be amazed at the number of people who are so intrigued by this attitude that they want to know about the theology behind it…

As dear St. Francis said, “Always preach the Gospel…sometimes, use words”.


You are right my friend, but you also forgot something our lord uses us in ways that we will never know, It is entirely possible that someone who reads my thread will take something good out of it and at the same time it is still entirely possible that someone will get offended and walk off… but will we not take that chance? will we walk in fear knowing gods truth but afraid that we will offend someone we say nothing? I am a loyal son of the church and a faithful servant of my master and lord Jesus Christ, If I write something or in the near future have a less then good homily that is my fault and my fault alone but I took the chance, I tried
peace and blessing


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