The Irish furore

Dear Ones all… We were recently flooded out of our House, and now have a vry slow and intermittent internet connection, so reading threads here is very slow indeed and time is limited.

Some of the threads we have seen express the same kind of puzzlethat we are feeling.

The most comprehensive site to watch is

It is run by Irish priests…

All seems awry here; a Bishop saying that he will rely on lay public opinion about resigning? That is surely wrong?

Also what has hit the news is the money wrenched out of the Mercy Sisters and the Christian Brothers; ho can it be that a religious order, Vowed to Holy Poverty, has such huge sums to give?

Of course the Irish know all this; how rich the orders are.

When Goldenbridge hit the news, they claimed that the reason for the children being half starved in thair “care” was lack of money.

It just gets worser and worser.

NB I am little online now as I said; PMs will reach me better.

Blessings from this beleauguered land; one of our Anglican friends said very bitterly “Land of Saints and Scholars?” We echo this.

Pride and privilege rule here now…

I read in the news that the Rosminians are saying now that they’re broke and can’t paying any more to the fund for abuse victims. One prominent abuse victim thinks they’ve taken a lot of their assets out of Ireland for safekeeping.

Once the money in the bank’s gone, I’m sure the Catholic Church will start closing and selling off churches if it can.

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