The Islam way?


I know Islam is not mentioned in the article, but is this really what goes on in Pakistan?


In many countries of the Middle East and North Africa, girls used as trade and at a young age happens. Islam is part of the problem. The fact that the agreement was upheld and the girl is to be handed over to that man is appaling.


What on earth does this have to do with Islam?


It has to do with a the fact its in an Islamic country and I wanted to know if this practise is a part of Islam.



Meedo just recently posted a thread on this. No, it’s forbidden, and an Islamic political party just recently pushed a law through that imposes stiff criminal penalties for this sort of thing.


When I say it’s part of the problem (and I apologize for not being clearer), Islam does not do anything to prevent it. Society and the culture also contribute. I have read cases where girls have been sold off to pay debts, to solve feuds, etc, and the girl was abused. What is interesting is that the father gambled (which is definitely forbidden in Islam) and was not punished for his gambling.


The article says they sent the police to make sure the girl was not forced to go anywhere. Then there’s also meedo’s article…

I think this claim that Islam “doesn’t prevent” these kinds of things is dubious. Sexual slavery, child abuse, and all other manner of crimes do indeed happen in the Christian world with alarming frequency…so I just don’t see why you would judge Islam differently.


Marriage without consent and gambling are both completely forbidden in Islam.

This has as much to do with Islam as abortion has to do with Christianity.


Ok Pro,
I just asked a simple question about islam and what happens in islamic countries, as some of my friends are islamic and i was curious.
I didnt want to get into a debate about islamic countries and christian countries.
And you cant tell me child abuse, sexual abuse etc doesnt go on in islamic countries, i know for a FACT it does.


Of course it does. Crime happens everywhere. I’m just curious as to why you would automatically link this kind of crime with Islam, when you clearly do not link similar crimes in Christian countries with Christianity.


Similar acts do not happen in christian countries.
We do not promise our children for marriage if we lose a poker game.
And i was wondering if this was a common occurance in an islam country since it did shock me when i read it.


These crimes most certainly do happen here. There was a case in Florida recently where a mother sold her 14 year old daughter to a man in exchange for a car.

People abuse children everywhere, because everywhere you go…there are some bad people.

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