The Israel of God


To explain the New Testament understanding of the true Israel of God, I would like to offer this simple diagram.

I hope it makes this important subject clear, and I welcome any discussion.

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My personality loves to plan ahead, and I personally don’t like unexpected events. I’m already planning on replacing the roof of our home, five years away! I had been looking at charts like the one above, listening to many Evangelists, reading books…Loads of frightening gloom and doom.

I had a very faith-filled and Christ centered friend talk to me about the return of Christ a couple of years ago. She pointed something out. “When Jesus came they were looking for Him! They had Prophets and Prophecies. He appeared in a way they couldn’t see. They overlooked Him.”

After that, my interest in “End Times” has been focused mostly on my own Judgement Day. I’m also not interested in when or how Christ returns in our perspective. He will do it just as it is prophesied in the Scriptures. I know this, God is Good and Perfect, Merciful and Just. The details, I’m not going to speculate on.


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