The Israelis have spoken - Putin is their person of the year for 2015


Russian President Vladimir Putin is Israelis’ person of the year, according to a Panels Research poll taken for The Jerusalem Post and its Hebrew sister publication Ma’ariv Sof Hashavua.

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On the surface, it makes sense for now. But Russia and Israel were Cold War opponents.

And it does signal that Israel is aware of changing faces in the Middle East.


Methinks a veiled rebuke to Obamerica.

And, methinks we deserve it.





What a well-deserved and shameful rebuke to Obama and his State Department. Incredible to think that the Czarist and Communist pogroms and history of Russian state anti-Semitism have been eclipsed by what the current U. S. administration has done to - and failed to do - for Israel. I wonder if American Jews will vote as Democratic this time as they traditionally have.


So, I gather, since Angela Merkel is Time magazine person of the year, this also carries the same significance just as President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Alright.


What is the context of their person of the year? With Time magazine, the person of the year could be someone who was infamous, not necessarily good either. For 2015, I can’t see how Putin could be cast in a good light in most countries outside of Russia, Syria, and a few former Warsaw Pact countries.


Exactly, one can see some of the people who won the Time magazine person (man) of the year:

One could almost say it is the person that created the most news.

In fact, Al Bagdadi, the head of ISIS also got some votes, I doubt if he actually has many fans that are Israelis.


"The poll of 527 respondents representing a statistical sample of the Jewish adult population, was taken Tuesday and has an error margin of ±4.3 percent.

“Twenty-nine percent of respondents chose Putin as their person of the year, 16% picked German Chancellor Angela Merkel, 15% Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 3% Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, 2% Pope Francis, 2% US President Barack Obama and 33% said they did not know.”

So 153 people in Israel think Putin should be “person of the year.” For heavens sake, 3% voted for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. This survey is ridiculous and drawing any conclusions from it about politics in the U.S. - or anything else for that matter - is even more ridiculous.


A very good case can be made that Putin is the most significant person in 2015.

As America has squandered its position of sole superpower, Putin has taken advantage and has positioned Russia well in the ME, and on the world stage in general. He has wreaked havoc on the Ukraine in order to control its traditional satellites with fear. He has resurrected the Eastern Orthodox Church into its central role as the right hand man of the czarist state. He has even won support in the West among traditionally religious for taking a stance against homosexuality.
Given the rather decrepit state of the Russian economy, and the many serious problems that Russia is facing, Putin was the one person on the world stage that was punching above his weight.
Witness Syria. He is the one who stepped in when Obama stumbled over the red line he drew in the sand, and he is the one that muscled his way into fighting the civil war there in a way beneficial to Russia, and sidelined Obama even further, making the way that America had been fighting that war virtually impossible.


it is sad


Israel. Tel-Aviv. Pro-Ukrainian action. Its in September.


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