The issue of Hell


I know Hell exists and I know that it is a real possibility, but I nonetheless get fearful whenever I hear any mention of it. I get worried that I am not doing enough spiritually when confronted with anything on Hell.

What could this mean for me?

Pax Tecum.


**Isn’t that the idea?
We must never become complacent, we must always pray and try to serve, to love and to witness as Jesus taught us!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!



I always feel that to. First you must repent and then you will feel holy. After that try to keep that holiness by praying,keeping faith, and doing righteous deeds.


Concentrate on the love of Christ and don’t dwell on Hell. Satan will use your fears to magnify them even more to try to drive that wedge in between you and God.

Pray to the Holy Spirit to fill you with the courage and hope of God’s love.


Personally, I think you’re paranoid. Hell has become too real for you when, in fact, it’s existence isn’t really a constant; It may exist, it may not. Life after Death is unpredictable–more than people give it credit for.

To me, it’s strange that someone who presumably fears God fears Hell even more. :ehh:

Just stay positive and remember that there are worse possibilities than Hell. I honestly fear being reincarnated. :eek:

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood


I heard Father Corapi say it best in one his lectures. We shouldn’t go around looking for the devil under every rock. But when Satan does come to us we must not fear him. Remember, there is nothing he can do to us when we are in God’s grace. So just live your life free from sin to remain close to God and far from the devil. That is enough.


G’day LotusCarLtd
Hell exists that is true, but if you are doing what God is asking of you to your best ability and repent when you fail you will not have to worry about it for you will be walking with God. Cheers hope this is of some help geoff


Hell is real and people go there. Forever.

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