The ‘It’ ’80s Party Girl Is Now a Defender of the Catholic Faith


See article, an '80s-type jetsetter is now a strict traditional-type of Catholic, serves food to the poor. Also, the article reads:

Princess Gloria — once christened “Princess TNT” for her explosive years as a hard partying, art-collecting, punk-haired aristocrat — has grown into the sun queen around which many traditionalist Roman Catholics opposed to Pope Francis orbit. Her Regensburg castle is a potential “Gladiator School” for conservative Catholics on a crusade to preserve church traditions.

So, she’s from Germany. I didn’t know they still had royalty there. I knew Netherlands does.


Is a woman who

really a defender of the Catholic Faith.
We are called to be obedient to our Pope. Not create divisiveness.


Sounds like relieving your neighbour of mortgage payment problems by burning his house down. Or something…



I wonder if Bishop Schneider will show up.


Aristocratic titles and families still exist, but it is outside the power structure. I think the French still have Marquis and such as well, surprisingly.


That people on this thread are calling this woman (or what she is doing) “reprehensible” is… well, reprehensible. The article clearly has its own slant. You can see that with this snippet: “Cardinal Raymond Burke, the American leader of the anti-Francis resistance…”

If anyone here really thinks Cardinal Burke is truly a leader on “anti-Francis resistance”, and that von Thurn’s association with certain bishops restricts her from being a defender of the faith and therefore “disobedient to the pope”, then they are clearly mistaken.

Praise God that von Thurn has had such a powerful conversion. And it’s calumny on the part of the New York Times to make it seem that Cardinal Burke is somehow “against” the Holy Father when he has expressly denied such charges:

"Yes, it is a source of anguish for me to hear this – people suggesting that I would lead a schism.

“What frightens me a great deal about the present situation of the Church is what I would call a politicization of Church life and of Church doctrine. This is easily done by the secular media but it is also being aided and abetted in the present time by certain Church leaders and theologians and other commentators. This is not a question of being in favor of the “Francis Revolution”, as it is popularly called. It is not a question of being “pro-” Pope Francis or “contra-” Pope Francis. It is a question of defending the Catholic faith, and that means defending the Office of Peter to which the Pope has succeeded. And so, to defend what the Church has constantly taught and practiced can never be seen as some kind of political action against the “other” political movement, as it is called – the “Revolution” in the Church – and can never be seen as being contrary to the Papal office.”


It’s interesting that she was a friend of Andy Warhol.
He had a peculiar relationship to Catholicism, actually agreed with a lot of it, and some people credit conversations with him as making them interested in the Church, or even converting.
But I don’t think he was ever a Catholic (I think his parents might have been Orthodox).


Andy Warhol was Ruthenian Catholic.


Other than her support for Hillary, I find much to admire about this princess. And no, she isn’t “opposed” to Pope Francis; that is sensationalism on the part of the writer. However, she may be opposed to modernism and all it’s accoutrements, for which I applaud her.

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