The IT Crowd--On Netflix

Hey folks. For those who have netflix (and I think eppies can be found on youtube as well) I just wanted to pass along this very funny show, The IT Crowd. It is British comedy, so at times it’s a bit off-color, but this is one the funniest sit-coms I’ve ever seen. It centers around 3 main characters, employees at a big corporate building who make up the IT department. The characters are hysterical and the storylines are sharp and witty.

I’m not usually a fan of British comedy (never really could get into a bit of fry and laurie) but for some reason this just really hit the spot when I needed a good laugh. It’s short, as many British shows tend to be (only 4 seasons with about a dozen eppies a season) but it’s worth checking out if you need a giggle!

Thanks for the heads up. I love British coms. :slight_smile: I have a question though… is Netflix the sort of thing you have to pay for monthly? Or do you just pay for what you order? I don’t have cable and I’m not interested in signing up for any TV/movie thing that would require a monthly subscription. is very poor

I LOVE the IT Crowd!

Moss is my favourite character, the geeky black guy with the glasses who lives with his mum.

I love the fact that their office answer machine says “have you tried turning it off and on again” - my friend used to be in IT and that was always his first question when anyone called him!

Add me to the ranks of IT Crowd fans. A friend got me into it a few years back, but I’ve still only seen a few episodes. Coincidentally, I was just thinking of adding it to my Blockbuster queue the other day, but it slipped my mind again! Thanks for the reminder.

Out of curiosity, are there any Rowan Atkinson fans about here?

:smiley: “Chrithmath Thockth!” is a favorite quote in my family.

If Mr. Bean was Harry Potter:

Right here. :slight_smile: Love Rowan.

Hi there! We are also quite poor so we don’t have any tv. Nothing is hooked up. Except the internet and my husband’s playstation 3. That’s how we watch tv. We do the stream-only version of netflix which is 8 bucks a month and since it can be used on our PS3, we just watch it through the tv. I can also watch it anywhere there’s a computer. It’s well worth it to us since there is a ton of stuff that streams from netflix and we’ve never been short of entertainment!!!

But! I’m almost certain you can find episodes of IT Crowd on youtube–for free!

So then the next question is: Bean or Black Adder? :wink:

So then the question becomes: Bean or Black Adder? :wink:

We have to choose? Haha. I prefer Bean in all honesty though. Just because I grew up on Bean. :smiley:

Good answer. :slight_smile:

Bean Christmas Special = Our Christmas Tradition, along with an obligatory viewing of the Grinch cartoon. :thumbsup:

Blackadder for me, he was brilliant as the devious butler in Blackadder 3 the one with Prince George, played by Hugh Laurie.

Love everything mentioned!

I think I prefer “Blackadder,” but it’s apples and oranges.

If you all haven’t seen “Black Books” or “Garth Marenghi’s ‘Darkplace,’” you must.

If you’re interested, BBC America is running the 20th (what the HECK!?!??!?!?!) anniversary episode of “Absolutely Fabulous.”

Love to my fellow Anglophiles!!! :heart:

I’m trying to remember, is Black Adder the comedy show where Mr. Bean played that guy who answered to Queen Elizabeth? If so…love that show too!!! When I first watched it I had no idea that it was Mr. Bean playing the lead and I remember thinking, “my, that’s a striking man with that goatee!” I was quite surprised when I realized who it was as I’ve never found Mr. Bean to be “attractive,” as evidenced below haha

Haha!!! Poor Rowan!

He looked a lot more like Mr Bean in the first series of Blackadder, where he played Prince Edmund, the Black Adder, the idiot son of the king (played by Brian Blessed).

In Blackadder 2, he is Sir Edmund Blackadder, a courtier of Queen Elizabeth the First -played as a spoilt child-woman by Miranda Richardson. There are some marvellous episodes, including one where he and his servant Baldrick and his friend Lord Percy go off on a ship pretending to sail around the world like Sir Walter Raleigh, but intending to just sail around the Isle of Wight for a bit and then come back. they end up getting hopelessly lost and accidentally discover Australia (although they don’t realise that!)

Blackadder 3 is where he is now the butler to the Prince Regent, and meets various people such as Dr Johnson, the Scarlet Pimpernel, Keats, Shelley and Byron, and Lord Wellington.

Blackadder goes Forth, is set during the First World War and sees Captain Edmund Blackadder in the trenches, with his trusty but stupid sidekick Baldrick trying to get out of doing any actual fighting.

Have you guys seen or heard of a show called Miranda? It harks back to a simpler, less sweary time and is very funny. It’s a broader more farce-based comedy and reminds me of the sitcoms I used to love in the 70s.

Lol@the poster. Now THAT is creepy. But it would be hilarious. Just imagine the Quidditch scenes!

As for where I stand on the Bean vs. Adder debate I initiated, I have to throw my lot in with Bean. Simply because it takes a lot of talent to be consistently hilarious while (almost) never saying a word. An art that all but died with Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Though Red Skelton did his fair share of it. :slight_smile:

This is one of my favorites shows of all time. So sad Graham Linehan has said there won’t be a fifth season.

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe someone has mentioned Darkplace, which is probably my number one favorite show of all time. I have never met (even though I know we haven’t technically “met”) someone else that watches it.

On a related note, hey Brits, why do you take all of my favorite shows away after only a few series? Darkplace, IT Crowd, The Office…UGH

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