The Jehovah Witnesses taking over small Latino neighborhoods

This past week as a walk to Mass I ran into two groups of Jehovah Witnesses. I was able to share with them our similarities, which were few. They have an off the wall understanding of the Holy Trinity and thus an off the wall conclusion to life itself. To them there is no Trinity. Jesus is not God but a good person; a prophet of sort. There appears not to be a Heaven for them but a heaven like Earth. They have built a Kingdom Hall nearby and they seem to be pouring out in large groups into the surrounding communities picking up along the way poorly catechized cradle Catholics. There seems to be no stopping them in our area. Let us pray my brothers and sisters that our weak Catholics see the errors in the cult. :gopray2:

It is sad that our people (Hispanics) forget their roots, we have ancestors who were devout Catholics, devout to the Eucharist, the Rosary, and the Blessed Mother, now they go away to churches that preach heresy and worse of all attack the RCC, the church that their ancestors were so proud of.

I’ve noticed the Mormons going after Hispanics, former Catholics, and doing missions in Latin American countries MUCH more often. Why are Catholics so much easier for these groups to convert?!

They are good at posing questions that poorly instructed Catholics find difficult to answer and so are easy picking once the JW or LDS present answer.

Unfortunately so true

All is true. Many of our Catholic Hispanics can be passive most especially those recently immigrated to the U.S. thus they easily fall victim to smooth talking JV’s and Mormons. as was mentioned earlier by GETYSBG. Some Hispanics raised in the States find their strength in themselves rather than in God.

I was finally able to upload this onto the internet. I went through all major Catholic Apologetic websites and read the bible and worked on 121 different doctrines that the Catholic Church teaches. take a look, ill give you both the Spanish and English. Its a 192 pages.


Why would they accept the evangelizer’s answer?

It’s simple. Say you were an uneducated person and knew nothing of Sir Isaac Newton’s theories and writings. Someone comes along and is able to quote numerous passages that Newton wrote and explain to you what (he thinks) those passages mean. He speaks confidently, sure that what he tells you is true.

Are you likely to believe that he is an authority on Sir Isaac Newton?

If so, it is a small step to believing everything that person says about Newton (he being an expert and all) is true.

Same with the JWs. And the Mormons. And the SDAs. And every other nut-job cult that targets the poor and ignorant.

Yeah, I worked with a JW for awhile. He tried converting some of us employees. When he found out I was a Catholic, he went all out to convert me.

One day he bragged to me how they go after and convert more catholics then any other religion. I used to think, how sad for them to live inside a box.

2 things come to mind Jesuspsr on Jesus remarks about false prophets and of those who discourage and lead God’s children away. ’ if anyone should cause of these little one to lose faith in me, it would be better for that person to have a large millstone tied around his neck and be tossed into the sea’.

Interesting. :slight_smile:

I am a Jehovah’s Witness currently volunteering a year to teach the Bible in South America. I know most here are Catholic by default. (cradle Catholics you might call them?)

There is so much interest and respect for the Bible here. We never get told “I’m not interested” - because everyone is! They all have Bibles and I see them reading them, and there is such a demand to understand it. Beautiful.

So it is nothing to do with Latinos being uneducated or easily tricked like some here have suggested. It is simply that they love God and the Bible and are honest, humble people. :thumbsup:
From my experience, Westerners are often too proud to consider they might be wrong. I showed a lady from the Bible that God does not torture people in hell and she simply said: “Oh. That makes sense. Thanks.” Humble and honest. (A typical religious New Zealander would have refused to accept what they read in their own Bible. What’s with that?)

In contrast, South Americans love the Bible! But sadly those we talk to know so little about it! Despite going to church all their lives they look at the questions we offer t answer and pick “Who is God” and “How can I draw close to God.”

Now we do not go out wanting to ridicule peoples religions or mislead them with false reasoning. (There is not a chapter in our “what does the Bible really teach” book entitled “Why the Catholic church is wrong”:rolleyes:) - We simply answer peoples questions from their own Bibles and they want to learn more. Obviously they are not getting the answers to their questions from anywhere else.

As Jehovahs Witnesses we truly believe what we teach. Because we have studied it ourselves, examined the evidence and become convinced it is the truth.
When we do that, what other option do we have but to go and help others learn the same? :shrug:
The ridiculous alternative would be to sit on our hands and say: “Good, I’m sorted. It’s a pity about everyone else isn’t it.” :rolleyes:

I hope that makes sense. All the best my friend. Enjoy the evening. :slight_smile:

Good analogy. :thumbsup:

But you would have to add that the person had gone to lectures on Isaac Newton all their life and thought they were getting taught what Isaac Newton wrote!

Yet the confident “nut-job” (your words :wink: ) simple shows this person from their own copy of “the works of Isaac Newton” what Newton actually said.
The person quickly realises their lectures (supposedly on Newton) have been teaching them something different for some reason. What’s going on? :confused:

Should we criticise the “nut-job” for quoting Newton and explaining him clearly - or the lecturer that was being paid to teach Newton but was leaving his students ignorant and misinformed? :wink:

The very fact that you “showed” this lady that God does not torture people in hell implies that you think that this is Christian doctrine. The Catholic Church doesn’t teach that God tortures people in hell either which is evidence that this lady was poorly catechized if she, indeed, believed that He did.

Sorry, but you don’t just answer peoples questions from their Bible. And please don’t pretend that your organization does not speak ill of the Catholic Church. Your publications constantly put down the Catholic Church and misrepresent it at every turn.

To hear you describe a visit its almost as if these poor misled people sought you out to answer the burning questions that no ones else seems to able to answer. You just kind of happened to be there and decided to help these poor people; no agenda whatsoever.

Anyone who has been paid a visit by a member of your organization knows differently. :wink:

Thanks so much for you reply to my post.

A friend of mine in our group is studying the Bible with a lady who has to pay $120 per month (which is a huge amount of money here) to attend mass. She has been told that if she stops her dead husband will immediately go to hell.

What should me friend tell her? :confused:

JW’s know that at Ecclesiastes 9:5 it says: “The dead are unconscious”, and Romans 6:7, 23 says “he who has died has been acquitted of his sin” and “the wages of sin is death” (not hell). Also in Acts we read of a “resurrection of the righteous and the unrighteous.” Would it be wrong to show her this from her Bible?
Or would that be criticising her church?

I can not remember an article in the Watchtower that criticises the catholic church.
There is no part in the “Bible teach” book that does.
“Constantly?” Can you give me an example?

Or do you refer to our publications contrasting what the Bible says with what is commonly believed? (like our example with “Hell” above) We certainly do that!
But if someone’s religion teaches something different from what the Bible says – that is not our fault. :frowning:
We can hardly be expected to avoid the subject for fear of exposing their teachers. Jesus certainly never avoided the truth for fear of exposing wrong beliefs.

You are right we call on peoples houses. (It is rare they search us out.)
And our ultimate goal is to start free home Bible studies.
But that is in obedience to Jesus command to his followers at Matthew 28:19, 20 where he told them to “go and *make disciples, teaching them *all the things I have commanded you…”
Waiting for them to come to us and ask would not be obeying that command would it? :wink:

At Matthew 24:14 Jesus prophesied that just before the end: “the good news of the kingdom will be *preached in all the inhabited earth *as a witness…”
The main theme of our preaching is the Kingdom (which is another thing the people we teach know almost nothing about)
I don’t know of any other religion that goes out preaching about God’s Kingdom on a worldwide scale.

Thank you for your post. :slight_smile:

Thanx Logically, I would ask that question on forum to the Apologetics in their forum. They are better prepared to answer your questions. Obviously, The women is being taken advantage of with a charge.:eek:

I think your friend is lying to you. We all know that JWs love to invent horror stories about Catholics. It is one of the ways in which they entertain one another and strengthen their faith.

You are foolish to believe such an outlandish tale.

Seriously? The JW organization is notorious for it and misquoting Catholic sources.Likewise, WTS love to distort Catholic beliefs and loves to back it with so called legit scholarship or accolades in support of its views. So do you really want to play the “I do not know” card with us? I do not have to give an example, it is a fact!

Poor catechism and bad formation are the culprits when it comes to Jehovah’s Witnesses being able to convert those away from other Christian faith traditions.

Speaking as someone who grew up in this cult, it is absolutely true that many Jehovah’s Witnesses target Catholics. Jehovah’s Witnesses view the average Catholic as not knowing much about the bible or even their own faith. Sadly, there is a lot of truth to this when it comes to Catholics and many others who attend liturgical services (Anglicans for example). Remember, Jehovah’s Witnesses go to services at their Kingdom Hall at least 3 times a week. Most of these services are a combination of teaching Jehovah’s Witness doctrine, while also teaching them how to go door-to-door evangelizing. They are well trained at controlling the conversation and are trained on how to answer the most common rebuttals. The average Catholic, who may attend mass a handful of times a year and never attend bible study, has no chance.

On the flip side, I remember Jehovah’s Witnesses remarking that the hardest people to convert are the ones whose services are basically bible studies (Southern Baptists for example).

Jehovah’s Witnesses often get a bad wrap because their doctrines and ways are different. But freedom of conscience in regards to choice and practice of religion are things Catholics hold dear, even when the choice of religion is not Catholic. It can inspire fear and hatred to misrepresent others and their intentions, so we would want to avoid using speech like calling them a “cult” or saying they are “taking over.”

That being said, there is some reasons to be cautious as the above comments, especially the first one, demonstrate. Jehovah’s Witnesses are just as prone to spread exaggerated and often just incorrect stories about Catholics as Catholics often do regarding Jehovah’s Witnesses. To illustrate:

$120 to Go to Mass and Keep the Dead from Entering Hell

The Catholic Church does not charge for its Bible education programs nor is anyone charged to attend Mass. If this is going on then it violates all the Church stands for and teaches. The Catholic Church practices Jesus’ words:

Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give.–Matthew 10:8.

If this is really going on in a Catholic parish, please let me know the name of the persons involved. I have recently retired from working at the central offices of my diocese alongside my bishop, and abuses like this are not tolerated. We can do something about it.

Of course, as a lover of truth, no Jehovah’s Witness would willingly spread a false story around that they did not validate. Such would make them guilty of spreading rumors and calumny. I trust that you, Logically, would never knowingly repeat something like this if it were not true. So I am sure you will check up on this for the good of all concerned.

Critical of the Catholic Church and Insulting to Catholics?

Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t realize that their message and their presentation can sometimes come across as if they are criticizing us. They have toned down their way of delivering their message lately, but a little more tact would be appreciated.

But we are all guilty of this, no? We often don’t realize it when we are being critical of others. Someone often has to tell us that we’ve offended them because we never go around thinking our opinions of others are incorrect. How many people have recently made headlines because they don’t realize when they are making racist comments?

Being ignorant that you are being hurtful doesn’t make it excusable, however. And we are not talking about the intentions behind the JW preaching (which again are good). We are talking about their delivery which is often tantamount to verbal persecution.

What Other Religion Preaches the “Real Truth” of the Kingdom?–Signed the WCG.

Catholics preach about the coming Kingdom all the time. We believe in a coming New Heaven and New Earth where the physical universe, including the earth, will be transformed and there will be no more sickness, pain, and death. Have you read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, especially from section 1042 onward? Most Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t know that their preaching of a coming paradise under Christ’s Kingdom rule is a 2000-year-old teaching of the Catholic Church, and every Sunday at Mass we even declare our belief in this “world to come” each time we recite the Creed.

As for preaching about it the way Jehovah’s Witnesses do, have you never heard of the Worldwide Church of God (now reorganized). They have been preaching the following since their founder, Herbert W. Armstrong (now deceased), became a preacher in the 1930s:

*]The Kingdom is the theme of the Bible and must be preached to all nations.
*]We are living in the last days.
*]The earth will be made a paradise soon.
*]God’s people must separate from the world and the world’s religions.
*]Only those who are in the WCG (now the “Reorganized WCG”) have the truth.
*]Only they are doing the work of preaching the Kingdom around the world.
Members have been preaching these “truths” from the early 20th century up till today, distributing many publications, including the famous “The Plain Truth” magazine.

As for me, I believe what Jesus said:

Watch out; don’t be fooled. Many men, claiming to speak for me, will come and say, "I am he!’ and, "The time has come!’ But don’t follow them. Don’t be afraid when you hear of wars and revolutions; such things must happen first, but they do not mean that the end is near.–Luke 21:8, 9, Good News Translation, Catholic Edition, American Bible Society.

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