The Jerusalem Bible


The Jerusalem Bible will be available on kindle 10-15-14 :slight_smile:


Not the New Jerusalem? It is great news to have the Jerusalem bible available.


I pre-ordered it yesterday and received a preliminary copy (with many of the bugs still in it). Amazon said when the finished product is ready it will be sent to me. This early copy does not have the chapter navigation installed yet. I will update this post when the finished product is sent to me. I am just glad that the Jerusalem Bible is being recognized as still being popular. It still is after all the translation that is used in Mass in the UK, and is popular with many other Christians also. :thumbsup:


Does your preliminary copy have the footnotes? If it has the full footnotes, it would be more than super. Great news in any case.


No it does not have the full notes. It appears to have the same Book introductions as the reader’s edition.




I am hoping that the Jerusalem Bible will be picked up by the ‘Olive Tree’ Bible study app that I use on my ipad, that would really be excellent.


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