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So I know a lot about different conspiracy theories and there are those that are true, there are those that are false, and some are only half truths.

What’s up with all the Jesuit conspiracy theories?

I hear about Jesuits controlling the world, the whole thing about there should never be a Jesuit Pope, then another thing about the Black Pope and somehow Aliens got mixed up in all this?

No doubt the Jesuits got very liberal and heterdox some aren’t but it seems a lot of them are.

I’m just trying to figure out where all this stuff came from?

I understand some of it was a smear campaign against JFK involving the “Jesuit oath” and the Knights of Columbus.

Someone from what I understand made that all up.


This is a Protestant lie.


What’s up with them all @Governator ?

They are all false .

Give some proof that any one of them is true and I will change my mind .


The idea of Jesuits as being conspirators or political operators has been around since the beginning of their order. Jesuits have always tended to be involved in world affairs and politics more than a lot of other orders that were either more cloistered or more focused on serving the poor.

I always thought the Jesuits were interesting because they were involved in so much global stuff and seemed to have a lot of brain power in their order.

Conspiracy theories of all stripes are usually just people’s imaginations working overtime, though.


I don’t really think they’re true anyways I’m just curious where the originated from?


You mean like this…

A notable source of modern conspiracy theories involving the Jesuits is Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps.[13] It is said to allege Newt Gingrich is “one of the ten most dangerous, Jesuitical politicians of the Pope’s ‘Holy Roman’ Fourteenth Amendment, Cartel-Corporate-Fascist, Socialist-Communist American Empire” and that the Jesuits played a role in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy.[14] Skeptic Bob Blaskiewicz also claims that Phelps told him the alleged “Grey aliens” are not aliens but creations of Jesuit science.[15]

the Jesuits were responsible. In the early 20th century, the Jesuits were supposedly seeking a means to fund their schemes and wars. In 1910, at a clandestine meeting hosted by J. P. Morgan, seven major financiers controlled by or in league with the Jesuits came to an agreement on the need to eliminate outside competition in the banking world and to create a central bank backed by the United States Government, to be known later as the Federal Reserve.

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Yeah, I see the Newt page is also accusing the Jesuits of being Scottish-rite Freemasons.
One would have to be on crack to take this stuff seriously.


Well you know when you really get down to it the Reptilians control our world through bloodlines and fallen angel technology. :crazy_face:


From the looks of it a lot of the anti Jesuit stuff comes from Protestantism and Freemasonry and usually those go together like peanut butter and jelly.

I definitely think that a Jesuit can fall into two different categories they are either very liberal and extremely heterodox or extremely conservative and well respected.

I remember hearing about how strict the Jesuits were and how they are God’s Marines but any time that I read one of their statements they were pretty progressive.


The liberal Jesuits are also very well respected, for the most part. Just not on this forum or on other Internet forums, because Catholic internet forums tend to attract traditionalists looking for like minds.

Jesuits tend to think outside the box. This bothers a lot of Catholics who are looking for a black letter rule book approach to the faith.


The fact that they swear loyalty to the Pope also probably doesent help…


Plus the current Pope is the first Jesuit Pope ever. That’s enough to set a whole bunch of people’s tinfoil hats off right there.


A link to some interesting conspiracies .


I don’t think it’s the issue of thinking outside the box so much as some of the more public representatives are seemingly trying to bend God’s law or search for loopholes and you see that a lot with the approach to homosexuality.

I think there are instances of shades of grey but most things are black and white.

I guess what I’m saying is that when you think of God’s Marines I think of the actual Marines like Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge or Gunnery Sergeant R Lee Ermey minus of course all the language and violence.

There’s an old joke about a Dominican and a Jesuit arguing about who’s order was better to which the Dominican replied to the Jesuit when’s the last time you’ve ever heard of an albigensian?


Yeah I don’t really understand the whole idea that people have that there can never be a Jesuit Pope and somehow that’s against their order or against cannon law or something.


Searching for loopholes or trying to stretch God’s law equates to “thinking outside the box” for Catholics.

The vast majority of us are taught not to do those things and that they are bad, sinful things to do.

Jesuits will actually look at issues and ask “why not?”

Some of them get in trouble, some of them don’t. Some of them decide the Church position as it stands is right, and some don’t.

You definitely need a strong faith to be a Jesuit. And they seem to be pretty motivated to die for the faith.


Another Jesuit conspiracy theory is that they poisoned Pope Clement XIV after he had the Order suppressed in 1773. The Jesuits were very active in the Counter-Reformation, which annoyed the Protestants, and Pope Clement gave in to the wishes of the Protestant rulers and had the Jesuits disbanded, “for the peace of the Church.” The Jesuits would not be reinstated until 1814. When Pope Clement died suddenly of stomach distress in 1774, rumors began that the Jesuits poisoned him. The Pope’s own doctors debunked this rumor through an autopsy, but it was too late. Malicious and mischievous purveyors of the rumor had already spread the new conspiracy theory, and malcontents were more than happy to accept it as truth.


As noted, the Internet is full of (usually) fundamentalist Protestant anti-Jesuit conspiracy theories. Interestingly, however, most all the current anti-Jesuit material out there seems to be coming from the Catholic traditionalist / hyper-traditionalist side. Of course, the Jebbies DID sink the Titanic . . . . .


Yeah but I do think that there is a point of taking things too far.

Everything in the known universe has a breaking point even God’s law has a breaking point that’s why we have the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ on calvary and sacrament of Reconciliation.

Don’t you think it’s kind of strange if not interesting that most priest and not necessarily always Jesuits that try to bend God’s law or look for some sort of imaginary loophole are always looking at specific issues that deal with sex and human sexuality.

You don’t see these type of arguments for things like murder, or theft, or profanity, or any other type of sin.

Isn’t it kind of ironic that all the scandals today have to deal with sex and human sexuality i.e homosexuality, pedophilia, hebephillia, and sexual assaults against almost always usually males that are young children, teenagers, and young adults especially seminarians.

The reality is there are no loopholes there is no way to bend God’s law and God cannot be tricked He cannot be strong-armed into our crooked wills.

The things that priest push the limit for all deal with sex whether it’s divorce and remarriage or homosexuality it all deals with some form of sinful sex or sexual lifestyles.

There is a limit, there is a breaking point, there is a certain capacity of whether something is either a sin or it’s not and there is no way of going around it.

There are two issues that I see amongst Catholics and especially some but not all priest and obviously not necessarily Jesuits.

First is that they want to keep certain individuals permanently in the dark so that they can remain Invincibley ignorant and live happy but gavely sinful lives.

Second in some cases they themselves suffer from the very stigma that they argue for and are trying to legitimize and normalize in the Church and society.

It’s like presenting someone with a beautifully decorated sugary coated cupcake that looks delicious, taste delicious, but it’s filled with cyanide and the person is dead as soon as they bite into it.

I’m not saying that some of the groups that I have mentioned shouldn’t be reached out to and shouldn’t be evangelize to but they should be evangelize to and reached out to with the truth and not a lie or false hope.

That’s one of my biggest issues in the Church today and it’s again not a Jesuit thing but I wanted to reply to your response.


Read any Dan Brown novels lately? :smirk:

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