The Jesus Christ Radio Show

There is a radio show on every Sunday that is called the Jesus Christ Show or something similar. The host is referred to as the Holy Host or as Jesus Christ. He speaks as the person of Christ and many listeners call him Jesus.

He gives the public who call advice either about their faith or personal problems. This is really bothering me and need to know if he is a heretic or what would CAF members consider a person who claims to be Jesus in the flesh.

On my way to Mass is when I have heard the show, as of yet I have not heard him say anything anti catholic, but his views on the Christian faith at times are not in line with the Churches teaching. I can’t recall what he states, however, his advice is given with the voice of authority and I feel he is responsible for those callers who feel their situation is desperate if it is destructive. Most of the callers call for advice about marriage etc.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


I used to see a guy at a bus stop in the city who said he was Jesus.

I first heard this radio show sometime last year and listen to it sometimes on the way to Mass.
It bothered me as well the first couple of times I listened to it.
I have heard Catholics call in. The host has studied a lot of theology. A caller called in asking about Lent and I wasn’t that satisfied with his answer.
At first I thought it somewhat blasphemous that he poses as Jesus and answers the caller’s questions. I do like the music but I only listen about 20 minutes once a week and I don’t think I would listen to the entire show.

His name is Neil Saavedra, and evidently yes, he is a heretic.

From an article in the Christian Post:

Though Saavedra was raised Catholic, he became Protestant at the age of 17. He fell in love with Protestant apologetics and saw how it opened up answers and helped him understand God better.

From an interview in Media Life Magazine:

“Here’s the deal: I think there’s only one way to see Christ, I really do. There are certain essentials to who he is. It’s the nonessentials that we kind of stack onto Christ later that cause the denominational differences.”


In case you’re interested, the show has an official website. I hesitate to repeat the name because I think it breaks the Second Commandment (cf. CCC 2146).

I listen to NPR often and every Tuesday, they broadcast the Thomas Jefferson Hour. The creator of the show is the humanities scholar, Clay Jenkinson. He assumes the role of Thomas Jefferson and people call in and call him Mr. President or Mr. Jefferson and he proceeds to answer their questions in character as Jefferson in accordance with his style, accomplishments, and various beliefs.

The Jesus Christ Radio Show sounds like the same thing. I would say that if they aren’t mocking the Christ and the host of the show is well-learned in the teachings of Jesus and answers questions accordingly, then I can’t as I would see a serious issue, but that a very serious role to portray, at least assuming that his intentions are in order.

If he is assuming the role of Jesus to give people inspiration or to help them grow, then maybe that’s okay. I suppose I really can’t say for sure. However, I’d imagine that followers of Jesus would feel exactly like you and I in that they would feel uncomfortable listening to it. So, I’d imagine that the majority of callers would fall under the “huh-huh…dude, let’s call Jesus” type of non-believers. That might explain why the name of the show is so blatantly edgy.

I wouldn’t say it’s blasphemous, necessarily, or at least the unforgivable kind, but I wouldn’t listen to it, personally. If the host is giving out falsehoods of any nature or not teaching in accordance with what has been taught through the Word, then he might be in trouble. Even a modicum of fallacy would be nothing short of ruinous for him, in this case. That’s honestly a very touchy venture.

I’m not quite sure what to think about it, but again, you couldn’t pay me to listen to that show.

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