The Jesus "Wife" Controversy

So let me get this straight: Four Gospels, and twenty-three other books of the New Testament can be regularly misinterpreted or even completely ignored, but this one fragment of writing of unknown and questionable origin is going to change Church teaching that much? Not to mention there are various non-Christain sources that at least support the earthly existance of Jesus.

Thankfully a tv documentary’s air date has at least been postponed.

It won’t. The fragment is just a Rorschach blot for those who are predisposed to believe evidence to discredit Christianity. The Church will, of course, press forward with the truth as she always has regardless of the constant badgering she endures.

Its the same logic they use to justify disbelief because the gospels were written 60 years after his death, and tout this as “proof” that he’s not the son of God even though it was written 400 years after his death. People who buy this stuff have to completely disconnect themselves from reality in order to do so.

Perfectly expressed.

I don’t care if Jesus was married or not. All I know and care about is that He was/is God in the flesh…the rest doesn’t change a thing for me.

From what I’ve read, the researchers are excited not because the fragment says “Jesus had a wife” but because the fragment’s existence implies that a group of Christians believed he had a wife.

There is much to do about nothing.

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