The Jewish Argument: How Can We Tell That Jesus Is The Messiah?


How do we know the New Testament is valuable and that Judaism is false?


You could fill libraries on both sides of that question. Good luck! :wink:


I believe it’s a matter of faith. When Jesus walked into the Synagogue and said ‘Today within your hearing the scriptures are fulfilled’, He let us know that yes He was here.In believing that statement you must follow Jesus as He starts His last journey that will take Him to the Cross , to the Tomb and three days later, to an empty Tomb, to the apostles, to Thomas. How can we tell Jesus is the Messiah, by what Jesus did for us. DO I have an argument with the Jewish people who do not believe, no, I pray one day they will also come to the Heart of the one who loves all of us so much that He came in fulfillment of the scriptures. God Bless:::butterfly::butterfly:


False, or incomplete?
It’s not a wrong road— it’s more like the beginning of the right road, but not the completed road.


You are right it is not complete yet. It will be when Jesus comes again. God Bless:::butterfly::butterfly:


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