The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit


There is a very interesting well researched book titled The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit: And Its Impact on World History , by E Michael Jones the publisher of Culture Wars magazine.

Here is the author speaking about the book which he sums up in this interview:


Be the Protocols next.

Us Jews are just too, too naughty for words.


The book chronicles the history of Judaism to the present day. It is very interesting; worth reading and worth watching the author’s summary video.


This is the author who once called Judaism a wicked ideology.


It must be a couple of years now since the last outing of this particular ‘Nearly Everything You Need To Know About The Terrible Naughtiness of Jews’ has been hawked here at CAF.


Yep, my wife’s aunt Anna who is in her late 70’s tends to do our heads in with this stuff. The fact she gets away with it considering my mother-in-laws father was nominally Jewish is a testament to the latter’s patience with her given her age and the fact she is beginning to suffer from dementia.


I tend to see this sort of stuff as hobby Jew-hating - for armchair enthusiasts - rather than the serious stuff, though.


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