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Check out this recent time article on the Vatican and its relationship with Jews;,9171,1896735,00.html?iid=digg_share

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A related article is Time’s photo essay, The Vatican and the Jews

I read the first 2 pages, but can I get someone to summarize? I think it’s trying to say some people are getting the idea the Pope is a Anti-Semite, but that is wrong?

BareKnuckler, the article says, literally, that no one thinks the Pope is an anti-Semite. But it does point out a number of occurrences which have dismayed or angered Jews around the world. The article attempts to offer possible explanations.

One explanation is that Pope John-Paul did so well, that Pope Benedict fails in comparison.

One explanation is that Pope Benedict is so concerned with protecting the Church and its teachings that he is a bit tone-deaf when it comes to Jewish concerns.

One explanation is that most Germans today think they have a collective responsibility to remember the Holocaust and to address Jewish concerns. But this attitude didn’t take hold among Germans that are Pope Benedict’s age, and so he may appear indifferent in comparison with most Germans.

Of course, such explanations are quite speculative. The article then ends with a worrying note that Pope Benedict may be one of the last European popes, and that Jewish concerns are not on the radar of Church leaders in the Global South. So this awareness raises the stakes that Pope Benedict “get it right.”

** In the name of Allah , the Most Gracious , Ever Merciful **

The Pope Is Not Welcome in Jerusalem

By Israel Shamir

…Many Palestinian Christians feel that the Vatican has become a plaything of Jewish intrigues. Why does the Vatican spend so much effort trying to woo and please the Jews? Is not the Church of Rome still an independent body? Why is the See of St Peter heeding a Jewish veto even regarding its own church affairs?

The Pope’s visit to the Holocaust Memorial is troubling.

The Museum adjacent to Memorial contains some rude defamation of the late Pope Pius; and the Jews have refused to remove it.

I recently heard a speach by the Pope in which he badly mispronounced all of the hebrew words that he used, before a Jewish audience. The jews looked very uncomfortable with his speach. He had pronounced the hebrew word for name(shem) as shame, which in hebrew means embarrassment. His audience was not happy…

Of course the Pope was welcomed in Jerusalem and throughout Israel as seen by the many signs welcoming his visit, the good humor taken by Jerusalemites over the terrible traffic jams the visit caused and his meetings with Israeli figures including the Prime Minister. The Pope is not only a religious leader he is a head of state with whom we have diplomatic relations. The third visit of a Pope to Israel in the last ten years is positive in itself. Jews and Christians have a common interest against a fundamentalist Islam that believes that Jews and Christians can only live in justice under an Islamic regime and who seek to create a world Islamic order by force. In my courtroom I have heard testimony from members of such groups travelling to Nazareth and getting into violent altercations with Christians. The Christian community made up 90 per cent of the population in a prosperous Bethlehem under Israeli control. After Israel handed control to the Palestinian Arab Authority under the Oslo agreements Christians found themselves persecuted to a small minority. In the 1970’s Arafat carried out wholsale slaughter and persecution of the Christian community until Israel intervened in 1982. In the Palestinian authority it is crime punished by death to sell property to a Jew.

I recently heard the Pope speak in English and badly mispronounced a great many words. Many words he spoke sounded like other English words and I had to try and figure out what he really said. But he’s not a native speaker.

So I guess I’m asking… what’s your point?

Muslim Woman, what is your point?

He badly mispronounced every hebrew word that he used. It simply made him look foolish. He would be wiser not to attempt any hebrew in speaches until he gets the pronunciation correct.

He used more hebrew words than I ever heard John Paul II use in a speach, so he must have some interest in understanding Jewish thought, which is commendable, but he should be more respectful in using those words. He speaks german, so he could easily master perfect hebrew. Those languages are phonetically compatible. German has some additional phonems, hebrew is simpler.


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